Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Baskets, Eh!

Hello Boo Buddies!

I know I haven't been around lately - it's hockey play off season, so I've been very busy!

I did however take some time to poll my roommates on what they'd like in their Easter baskets this year.  Here's what they said.

Keebler said she's like a basket full of fish.  It's too bad Peeps and jellybeans don't come in tuna flavor!

Newbe said she's like a basket to sleep in, however she wishes for one that is just a tad larger than this.  Then she said I'd need a gigunda basket.  That was uncalled for, eh!  I'm not fat, I'm fluffy like the Easter bunny!

Frankie said she's happy with her laundry basket and needed nothing for Easter this year.  I told her the Easter bunny could get her a new laundry basket, but she said the bunny needed to focus on bringing the humans some chocolate because chocolate makes them happy.... and happy humans means lots of brushy brush time!

Lila said she'd like a basket full of sunshine.  Just enough for her head because it feels so good on her noggin' to have the rays.  I have to agree.  I think a double basket of sunshine would be quite fantastic, eh!


Hope the Easter bunny brings you a basket of goodness this year and that you have a hoppy spring.  *MOL*

Pawsitively yours,
Boo Bunny Biggins


Katnip Lounge said...

We're chuckling at "gigunda". Now there's a good word!

Paws crossed you get all you Easter wishes!

Mr Puddy said...

Happy Easter to you all : )


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