Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Finicky Feline Food Review, Aye?

I had the opportunity to sample a tasty dish this past weekend here at the resort. It was Atlantic salmon served with natural juices. The chef, Mr. Bubble Bee, has a unique way of vacuum sealing the salmon so it maintains a flaky texture and fresh cooked salmon flavor. He's super famous for his tuna, which is served in water or oil, but I have to say this cutting edge venture into salmon will really take him to the next level with his finicky diners.

Saturday, or what I now call Salmon Saturday, started off with me having writer's block. I was sitting in front of the computer trying to blog and just decided that I needed something from room service to get my creativity flowing. Upon delivery, the first thing I noticed was the presentation. The finely flaked fish was placed on a hand painted plate from Japan with a design of a cat on it. I was stunned that the executive chef would send such a fine piece of china for a room service order. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love this resort?) The plate was also salmon in color complimenting the vibrant color of this delectable fish.

I first smelled the fish and sat back to let it's aroma prime my palate. I then took a small bite testing its texture and temperature. It was exquisite. From there, I couldn't control myself. I ate and ate and ate as if it was Thanksgiving dinner! I think at one point I even dropped some from my mouth because it was so exciting. When I was finished, I sat back thoroughly pleased with my meal, but too tired to blog. After a meal that wonderful, a nap is necessary, aye.

So if you're ever in Las Vegas, stop by the resort and request Chef Bumble Bee's Atlantic Salmon. You won't regret it!

Pawsitively Yours,
Critic Boo Man

p.s. Speaking of fish, don't forget to check out my virtual fish bowl over on the right. You can click anywhere on the water to feed them! They would appreciate a few bits of food from my pawsome readers!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Nemesis Newbe, Aye?

This is Newbe... an "adorable" cat they say who supposedly sleeps all the time...

But I have a different story... I know this Newbe, the looney cat-milk junkie who likes to come into my suite and start a ruckus some days. Can't you see the crazy in her eye? I think it's that punk rock hair do in the multiple colors, aye. They call it "calico" but I think it is "wack-o". MOL!

Niece keeps telling me, "Oh everyone loves Newbe... Newbe is the mellow one... Newbe just likes to sleep..." Whatever! I'll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, I'm just going to stick with the Wegie (her name is Keebler).

Doesn't she looks like an angel sleeping? Niece said that Keebler used to be called "the crazy one", and that she's too smart for her own good... but I kinda dig her hip personality and gentle ways. I have heard her get quite pushy though around dinner time. I guess she has a serious meat habit. Tuna. Mahi-Mahi. Salmon. Chicken. Turkey. Bacon. Ham. It's kinda disgusting. Keebler also mentioned once that she was dying for some cheese. I think she even had 'the shakes' from cheese withdrawal. I also think she may hit the cat-milk. That stuff is addictive.

Well, I'll try to find out more about these two as time goes on and report back to you all in blog land. In the meantime, I hope they know I've got my eye on them... except for when I'm napping.

Pawsitively Yours,
Inspector Boo-Man

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day, Aye!

Happy Father's Day everyone!

When I was kitten, my furry mama said my cat dad was very handsome, much like myself.

Niece's dad is very funny and smart. Here's a picture of him with their furry son Charlie. Niece said that they don't really dress alike. It was a joke for the photo... yeah right! MOL!! (Meow Out Loud!) Only dogs have to do such silly things... us cats are far more dignified.

I haven't met The Boy's dad yet. Niece says they live far away, but not quite as far as I lived in Canada. They have a cat named Tigger. The Boy talks to his dad (and mom) on Sundays. I'm always interested when I hear them talk about sports, especially hockey!! I'll be anxious to meet him in the fall when they come to visit.

Here's The Boy's dad doing something he loves - golf!! It's kinda like hockey because you have a stick and you hit an object, but people keep their teeth in golf.

Happy Father's Day!!

Pawsitively Yours,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My First New Friend, Aye?

I don't have a lot of time to blog tonight because I'm partying it up at The Rug. I have to say, it has been the greatest kitty nightclub ever. And my roommate - the Norwegian Forest - turned out to be my best clubbing buddy! And here I thought our differences over Canadian hockey and Norwegian hockey were going to ruin our chances of hanging out, aye.

Tonight is "Catnip Cigar Night" at The Rug - which I personally think is the greatest cat toy/promotional club item of all time! I mean anyone can get a plastic tumbler filled with cat milk, but legalized nip in a cigar shaped fabric toy? That is outstanding! This place holds no expense when it comes to pleasing its patrons.

Here are a few pics of us chillin' at the club.

This is one of my favorite new friend pictures:

This past Thursday, my furry sister Peggy stopped by for happy hour at The Rug. It was good to unwind after a long week. I mean you saw how hard I was helping Niece with her documents from work! It's exhausting!

Well I was going to see if the party was still hoppin', but writing this blog has made me sleepy. Maybe I'll just grab some kibble and lie down in my suite. Tomorrow is another day and I'm in tight now with the club owners. Viva La Rug!!

Pawsitively Yours,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dance Party with the Boo-Man, Aye?

Hello Boo Blog Buddies! Or as they say in the southwest, Boo Blog Banditos!

Today I had a GREAT day. First, I helped my niece with some work. It was nice to lend a paw.

Then, I fluffed myself up and stepped out of the suite to check out the new hot spot in Vegas called "The Rug." It just opened on the 1st level of the resort, and there is currently no cover charge! Here's a picture of me at The Rug getting ready to shake my groove thing! I was giving the DJ my fierce stare which says, "I have dance fever and there ain't no cure baby!"

The ratio of women to men is 4 to 1. A bachelor's paradise! You can see in the photo below what it looks like after a hoppin' night. It's just a mess of fur and cat toys that the DJ passes out. This was before the cleaning crew arrived.

I guess The Rug also doubles as a sports arena. The Wegie plays on a soccer ball league there. I hear she's very good about keeping the ball in bounds.

Next, I got a table with a view at the restaurant (the one with the kitchen that is minus that microwave thingy). The grounds are quite exquisite here. So green with bushes and trees. I saw so many birds I thought I was going to lose my mind, aye! Security had to ask me to not stand on the table. So, I was polite and took a seat.

After that I wandered around a bit, stopped by the bathroom, and headed back to the suite.

And that was about it today! I didn't see much of the American Shorthair or the Wegie. Guess they were at some other hang out called "The Garage". I hear that they think it is just fabulous, but it sounds a little to rustic for me.

Cat chat at you again soon!
Pawsitively yours,

p.s. Click on any photo to make it bigger.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Boo Man is Back, Aye!

Hey there all you cool cats and kittens, it's the Boo Man and I'm back on the world wide web!! Not having the internet sure is a drag, aye. I'd often go to the computer monitor and stare at it wondering why it was blank. I guess that funny box with the blinky lights wasn't working.

That stupid UPS man never came! I watched and watched and watched just like Niece asked me to. And I'm good at watching too!! I saw lots of birds, but no man with a box. I guess he went to my sister's house. That's just silly since the computers are here and not there. I mean if they know where to send the bill for the internet service, you'd think they'd know where to send the new blinky light box that lets me write my blog! As you can see from my photos, I was very excited to get it out of the box and plug it in.

Anyway, there were so many adventures this week, some good and some not so good - but there is one that stands out and must be told first. Fortunately it didn't involve me, but after I heard it, I laughed so hard at how silly Niece can be that I decided it has to be told! So get a cup of coffee, grab that Timmy Horton doughnut, and settle in for "Story Time With The Boo Man".

Once upon a time, my neice's fiance, The Boy, went to culinary school. I guess it's a very fun thing to do. Again, I'm not real big on school... but he enjoyed it and did very well. Here's their photo at his graduation.

I guess in school they practiced something called searing. According to my search on Wikipedia it is: a technique used in grilling, roasting, braising, sautéing, etc. that cooks the surface of the food at high temperature so that a caramelized crust forms....I've never seen this done with kibble, so I don't know if it is just a bunch of hocus-pocus or what.

According to Niece, she hates it because it fills the house with some smoke and oil smell, but she agrees it does make the meat turn out better. She says it is really something best done outside on the grill or in a kitchen that is like a restaurant with a big hood.

Well on Wednesday night, Niece wanted to make pork chops. It was too windy for the grill outside so she decided to just cook them in the oven. The Boy said, "Oh, let me sear them in a pan, it will help them come out better!" So Niece agreed and the process began... now mind you, at this point, I'm in my big comfy suite still watching for the UPS man out the front window...

Well I guess when The Boy put the pork chops in the pan it caught on fire! The flames I hear were HUGE! Niece said they were a good 3 feet and it "seared" the wall and cabinets above the stove. Now I know I'm just a cat, but I'm pretty sure from the Wikipedia definition I found that walls and cabinets won't taste better with searing.

Niece said the worst part was that they have this device called a "microwave" that hangs over their stove. She said the flame scortched the microwave and it started making a horrible noise. She said she was so scared it was on fire that she pulled out the fire extinguisher. Now this is where the story gets good...

From what she says, it is a red canister filled with powder that puts out fires. Which I think sounds incredibly handy, aye. She said you have to pull the pin and squeeze the trigger... but she said there's one catch. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT POINTING THE RIGHT WAY! I guess she didn't know it was pointing towards her face and she sprayed herself and not the fire! MOL MOL MOL!!! (MEOW OUT LOUD!!!) THAT IS HILARIOUS!! I wish I would have seen that one.

I guess she still had to turn it around and spray the microwave, just to be sure it wasn't on fire and that flame wasn't behind it burning the wall, but she couldn't see because her glasses were covered. MOL!!! She said she had it in her ears, down her shirt, in her hair... MOL!!! But really, she sprayed herself! Oh man, that is like a movie or something!!

I guess after that there was no fire, but the microwave was broken so they had to throw it away. And it took them over 2 hours to clean the kitchen. I guess the fire extinguisher powder just goes everywhere. Sounded like a big mess. Us kitties with our multiple paws could have been a big help, but it probably wouldn't have been too safe unless we had special kitty hazmat suits to help clean up in.

The funniest part though was later. Niece and The Boy were still hungry so they went out for a sandwich at their favorite place. FIREHOUSE SUBS! That's right, it's a sub place with a firefighter theme. Ohhhhhh, those kids make me laugh so hard. They sure are full of adventure and humor.

Whew... my stomach hurts from laughing... well that's all from here for today. It's nap time for me. Plus I just saw two birds out the window who are building a nest in the tree. I gotta go give them a piece of my mind. They better have construction permits for that nest or the home owners association is going to be all over them.

Pawsitively Yours,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maybe A Modem Today, Aye?

Boo is on UPS truck look out for our modem today. We really hope it arrives. He has lots of stories to catch everyone up on! Including a crazy one from last night.

Stay tuned...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Technical Difficulties, Aye?

Hi Everyone!

Boo hasn't been able to dictate his blog to me since Friday because our DSL modem died (I'm logged in at work, shhhh! HA!)

We should see a new modem by Wednesday. Boo is very anxious to chat again, so I'll sit down with him to type his blog thoughts again very soon!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Friday, June 5, 2009

My Life, Aye?

So I've been hearing some news that my blog is quite popular, aye! I can understand the appeal - I'm a single fella, from a mysterious foreign country, with some sexy badunk-a-dunk in my trunk-a-trunk. A little jelly in my doughnut (Tim Horton's of course). A little wiggle with my jiggle. Some fluffiness with my toughiness! Well, you get the point...

Since I probably have some readers who don't know my story, let me tell you a little about myself.

My mama found me at the pet store on Prince Edward Island when I was just 6 weeks old. I was pretty petite back then (only 2 pounds according to my vet records). One time as a kitten, I was sleeping on a couch cushion with my human sister, and when she woke up, I was snuggled on her shoulder sucking on her ear lobe! Guess I confused her ear for some tasty kitten's milk! My cuteness didn't stop there though. I used to like to leave cat toys in her shoes too when she came to visit.

I grew up with another cat named Smoke. He was a big fella, like myself, and LOVED to go outside. He was a little crazy, well ok, maybe a lot crazy! But we had a good little life when he wasn't being the bossy older brother. Unfortunately, he had an accident with one of those machines the humans have (the metal ones with the wheels). He healed for the most part, but I think it took too many of his 9 lives. He's very happy in heaven now. He runs and plays where ever he wants, and there are no cars there because everyone has angel wings and can fly.

Just a few years ago, my mama got a dog! At first, I was like, "MEOW WHAAAAT?!", but we already had a canary named George, so I let it go. Cat, bird, dog - whatever, we're all special in our own ways.

My furry sister's name is Peggy Sue. We are pretty good friends. It took me a bit to warm up to her because she loves to play while I love to sleep, but I have to admit, her sunny personality is contagious. She also used to eat my food all the time! I found that pretty rude for a Canadian lady. I mean I can't maintain this svelte fighting weight without my kibble!

Recently, my mama went on a journey to see Smoke. I'm sure they're having a fabulous time in heaven. It's weird she's not here on Earth, but I'm ok... matter of fact, I'm having a wonderful time living in Las Vegas. I'm so excited to hang out with all my extended family. I've heard so much about them over the years because they sent my mama lots of emails, had funny phone calls, and visited our happy home. And now, I'm even starting to make some new friends.

Here are a few of my favorite things:
#10 - The birds outside flying by. They're so fun to watch!
#9 - Canadian hockey
#8 - The word "hoser". Americans don't use it enough!
#7 - Rolling around. My mama taught me how to roll over. Pretty cute huh?
#6 - Chillin'
#5 - My blue cushion my mama made and now my fabulous big bed!
#4 - Doofus Dog - he's a hoot! I love that funny guy.
#3 - Being brushed
#2 - My fort that Niece built me. See, I tried to squeeze behind the books on the bookshelf because it seemed like a neat spot. So, she cleared them out and gave me a shelf and put blankets around it. I crawl in there and pretend I'm a lion in a cave. It's awesome. What kid doesn't love a fort?!
#1 - It's a tie between kibble and sleep.

Well, it's getting late here in the Pacific time zone. Until next time avid readers!!

Pawsitively Yours,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photos, Aye?

Just had to post a few pictures of my family... There's Niece and The Boy. I've had great fun with them this past week.

Then there's my furry sister Peggy. I'm going to get to see Peggy tomorrow! My human sister's birthday is coming up so they'll be over for dinner (Sister is going to be 420 in cat years - wow!!!) The other dog in the picture is Charlie. Peggy thinks Charlie is pretty fun! Guess he plays more than I did, but that's ok with me.

Pawsitively Yours,

Catsup and about, aye? (and I'm not talking condiments)

The casino cameras caught some pretty fly photos of me struttin' my stuff through the lobby of this joint. I guess it was ladies night up in the 2nd floor night club, so while they were away, it was all about the Boo man...

I find the cultured Italian marble quite nice. And it's cool on my belly! The stairs seem a bit daunting. I hear the gym is on the second floor. That seems silly to climb the stairs to go work out. That's a lot for a big boy like me to take. It's gotta be one or the other... I know there must be an elevator around here somewhere for the husky cats. I think one of my favorite things is the complementary cat toys. You can see the basket o'plenty right in the lobby! That is OUTSTANDING, aye?

I did get unprecessendeted access to the gourmet kitchen, but since the celebrity chef wasn't in, I didn't take any photos. Maybe next time. The sports book has a pretty big television too.

On Boo's scale of 1 to 4 paws, I say this place is 3 paws. I'd give it 4, but that American Shorthair just keeps bustin' my chops when she's not sleeping off her cat milk hangovers. (I think she has a problem with the stuff. They really should cut her off well before the bar closes.) Maybe some day she'll lighten up. You'd think my charm would have turned her into Jell-O by now. Who doesn't love a sexy Canadian accent, aye?

Pawsitively Yours,

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Family, Aye?

Howdy do, aye?! Today has been a wonderful day. First, there was rain! Oh, how I love the rain. It came down really hard too. I had a great time watching it fall on the trees and grass out front. Yes, my new home has trees and grass! Kinda funny for the desert, aye?

Niece and her fiance The Boy are treating me very well. I know they were anxious for me to venture out this weekend and hang out on the big couch, but alas, I'm so happy in my suite that I'm content to just snooze the day away on my big bed. I have found out the room I'm staying in is called a "casita". I guess it is "southwesty" talk for "Boo's big fancy space". MOL! (that's short for meow-out-loud)

This evening I hung out with my favorite guy - Doofus Dog. He made the trip with me from Canada. He's always up for an adventure. As you can see he is green. My roommates have one too. He is yellow. My neice washed all of our toys and beds this weekend, but she didn't wash Doofus Dog. She said he looked like a good worn in teddy bear and needed to stay that way.

The Wegie also stopped by tonight. I don't mind her too much. I actually got close enough to sniff her. The American was by, she wanted to play wrestle. I think she watches too much WWE with The Boy. I wasn't game. Ever since The Rock retired, it's just not the same... The Maine Coon popped in briefly but she's still playing hard to get and running away. She has a funny little trot. The Lynx Point Siamese, who is quite chatty, swung by and had lots of sweet greetings. She seems quite lovely, but honestly that's just to many ladies talking all at once. I had to kick them out and just chill with the Doofus.

Don't tell the mounties, but I had some of "the nip" tonight. Just a little hit. Niece says it is legal in the U.S... she even said that they sell it at the store! I guess you can buy it fresh or dried. That's just silly, aye?

Well, Doofus is over hanging on my bed so I think I'll have a bedtime snack and join him. More tomorrow from my happy casita!

Pawsitively Yours,


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