Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Boo Man is Back, Aye!

Hey there all you cool cats and kittens, it's the Boo Man and I'm back on the world wide web!! Not having the internet sure is a drag, aye. I'd often go to the computer monitor and stare at it wondering why it was blank. I guess that funny box with the blinky lights wasn't working.

That stupid UPS man never came! I watched and watched and watched just like Niece asked me to. And I'm good at watching too!! I saw lots of birds, but no man with a box. I guess he went to my sister's house. That's just silly since the computers are here and not there. I mean if they know where to send the bill for the internet service, you'd think they'd know where to send the new blinky light box that lets me write my blog! As you can see from my photos, I was very excited to get it out of the box and plug it in.

Anyway, there were so many adventures this week, some good and some not so good - but there is one that stands out and must be told first. Fortunately it didn't involve me, but after I heard it, I laughed so hard at how silly Niece can be that I decided it has to be told! So get a cup of coffee, grab that Timmy Horton doughnut, and settle in for "Story Time With The Boo Man".

Once upon a time, my neice's fiance, The Boy, went to culinary school. I guess it's a very fun thing to do. Again, I'm not real big on school... but he enjoyed it and did very well. Here's their photo at his graduation.

I guess in school they practiced something called searing. According to my search on Wikipedia it is: a technique used in grilling, roasting, braising, sautéing, etc. that cooks the surface of the food at high temperature so that a caramelized crust forms....I've never seen this done with kibble, so I don't know if it is just a bunch of hocus-pocus or what.

According to Niece, she hates it because it fills the house with some smoke and oil smell, but she agrees it does make the meat turn out better. She says it is really something best done outside on the grill or in a kitchen that is like a restaurant with a big hood.

Well on Wednesday night, Niece wanted to make pork chops. It was too windy for the grill outside so she decided to just cook them in the oven. The Boy said, "Oh, let me sear them in a pan, it will help them come out better!" So Niece agreed and the process began... now mind you, at this point, I'm in my big comfy suite still watching for the UPS man out the front window...

Well I guess when The Boy put the pork chops in the pan it caught on fire! The flames I hear were HUGE! Niece said they were a good 3 feet and it "seared" the wall and cabinets above the stove. Now I know I'm just a cat, but I'm pretty sure from the Wikipedia definition I found that walls and cabinets won't taste better with searing.

Niece said the worst part was that they have this device called a "microwave" that hangs over their stove. She said the flame scortched the microwave and it started making a horrible noise. She said she was so scared it was on fire that she pulled out the fire extinguisher. Now this is where the story gets good...

From what she says, it is a red canister filled with powder that puts out fires. Which I think sounds incredibly handy, aye. She said you have to pull the pin and squeeze the trigger... but she said there's one catch. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT POINTING THE RIGHT WAY! I guess she didn't know it was pointing towards her face and she sprayed herself and not the fire! MOL MOL MOL!!! (MEOW OUT LOUD!!!) THAT IS HILARIOUS!! I wish I would have seen that one.

I guess she still had to turn it around and spray the microwave, just to be sure it wasn't on fire and that flame wasn't behind it burning the wall, but she couldn't see because her glasses were covered. MOL!!! She said she had it in her ears, down her shirt, in her hair... MOL!!! But really, she sprayed herself! Oh man, that is like a movie or something!!

I guess after that there was no fire, but the microwave was broken so they had to throw it away. And it took them over 2 hours to clean the kitchen. I guess the fire extinguisher powder just goes everywhere. Sounded like a big mess. Us kitties with our multiple paws could have been a big help, but it probably wouldn't have been too safe unless we had special kitty hazmat suits to help clean up in.

The funniest part though was later. Niece and The Boy were still hungry so they went out for a sandwich at their favorite place. FIREHOUSE SUBS! That's right, it's a sub place with a firefighter theme. Ohhhhhh, those kids make me laugh so hard. They sure are full of adventure and humor.

Whew... my stomach hurts from laughing... well that's all from here for today. It's nap time for me. Plus I just saw two birds out the window who are building a nest in the tree. I gotta go give them a piece of my mind. They better have construction permits for that nest or the home owners association is going to be all over them.

Pawsitively Yours,

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