Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Greeting, Aye!

I wanted to say thank you for all the birthday wishes. Turning 6 was pretty good! I had a wonderfully relaxing time on Saturday. And if I can say so myself, I think I only look 3!

Here's one of my great birthday greetings from Mary M. up on the Island. I hope my Island friends are having a tail waggin' good summer!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO! I miss seeing you escape on your Mom and go under the car. I do think of you and and Peggy Sue often. I am going to send you a picture of Curley. I believe you and he could be twins - 20 lbs - beautiful like you Boo. I enjoy all your talks, and I know Niece is so good to you. Be good to all your new friends. I miss you. Love, Mary & Curley

Here's the photo of Curely. I think we look alike too! We'd be some handsome fellas out on the town in Vegas!

Pawsitively yours,
Birthday Boo

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hall and Oates, Aye!

I just found a fabulous video on the web! Click here to watch it!


Pawsitively Yours,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Table for Trois, Aye!

Bonjour my little French Canadian friends! Tonight I had a splended time at The Rug with Keebler, and we were so pleased to be joined by Ms. Lila Belle. We had a grand old time rolling around all showing our big fluffy tails and our big fluffy bellies!

Hope everyone out there enjoyed a good stretch today too!

Purr at you later!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poems, Aye!

Early tonight I mentioned that Keebler read poems at The Rug (see my previous post). She just swung by and I asked her if I could share them with you - my fabulous audience. She said yes, aye! Here are some of the ones I love. Enjoy!

Poem #1
Title: "Food - I Love You."

Fish Fish.
Chicken Chicken.
All of it is finger lickin'.

Kibble Kibble.
Tuna Tuna.
Can I have some soona soona?

I need to eat.
I need to now.
Feed me mom.
Meow Meow.

Poem #2
Title: "I Am Keebler Hear Me Roar... or Just Meow"

My name is Keebler. I am one of five cats.
I live in a big house that has no rats.

My soul is less feline and more like a man.
I love eating tuna that comes in a can.

My parents found me at a PetsMart shelter.
My fur after a nap is quite helter skelter.

I like to watch birds with a Canadian named Boo.
He flew a long way to be a part of our "zoo".

My mom and dad they sure like to hug.
But nothing compares to our place called The Rug.

Poem #3
Title: "Birds - Dr. Seuss Style"

Birds birds everywhere. They're in the trees, they're in the air.
I watch the birds, yes I do. I watch the birds, how 'bout you?
I do not know how they fly. I do not know or ask why.
I love the birds and their songs. I love the birds all day long.
I wish the birds could come inside. I wish, I wish, oh my oh my!
If I was a bird I'd hit the sky. If I was a bird I'd fly, fly, FLY!

I'll try to get more poems in the future! Here's a picture of how Keebler gets in the poem writing "zone". I think when all her feet are at her head she does her best work.

Pawsitively Yours,
The Boo Man

Cat Facts, Aye?

Greetings Feline Friends and Followers!

Last Thursday, Niece and I hung out at The Rug. It was "coffee house" night. Keebler came by and read a poem. Frankie sang a song while tapping on the jingle ball toy. And Niece and I read this fascinating book called "180 Amazing Cat Facts". It retails for $1.59 in Canada. That's just a looney and some change, aye!

Now I know this sounds like a lot of information to take in - I mean 180 facts is daunting, but really it was a pleasant read and The Rug is such a wonderful place. The book is actually a small paperback and newsprint book that my human mom had purchased. She loved miniature things! My human sister brought it back with her this past May when mom went to heaven to play with Smoke kitty. I'm sure it took up no room at all in her suitcase!

Since this was such a fun night of reading with Niece, I had to share some of the amazing facts from this book!

Fact #2: "Egyptians shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning when their cats died." Boy, I'm glad people don't do that any more - that would look as funny as a cat with their butt shaved... oh wait, I think Lila gets her butt shaved. Whoops!

Fact #11: "Cats are the only animals that purr. Cats purr about 26 cycles per second, the same frequency as an idling diesel engine." VRROOM VRROOM baby!

Fact #15: "Cats hearts beat twice as fast as human hearts." That's just because we have a lot of love to give! Awwww...

Fact #18: "Calico cats are almost always female." Yeah, and the one that lives here is still rude to me! I wish there was a fact that says they're always nice to Canadians so I could show it to her.

Fact #20: "Cats have 527 muscles." I think I have more because I'm always hearing how I'm such a big boy!

Fact #61: "The average cat is considered a senior citizen at age 10." WHAT?! I'm 6 this year - no way, I don't feel a day over 2. By the way, my birthday is July 25th and I'm open to gifts!

Fact #96: "95% of cat owners admit they talk to their cats." Is it strange that I talk to my owner so she can write this blog?

Pretty fascinating stuff, aye? I'll write more in a future blog. With 180 facts, this will keep us going for awhile. MOL! (meow out loud)

Have a whiskertastic week!

Pawsitively Yours,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Slow Week, Aye?

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately... I've just been chillin'. Most days I get up, have some breakfast, watch the birds outside, wander out to the rug, and then come back to my suite for a snoozer.

My new friend Keebler comes by every morning and watches the birds too. It's nice! Newbe has been a little more friendly, but I'm pretty sure she has something against Canadians. It's kinda rude, aye!

Here's Keebler watching the birds:

I guess one exciting thing did happen. Our neighbor across the street has several vehicles and one of them was in an accident right outside his house. I saw the whole thing out the front window while I was watching the birds. A lady from the neighborhood, who drives way too fast, came rollin' down the road and WHAMO!! Right into the back of his F-150 truck. She has a big SUV so she did a lot of damage. But who would think that parking out front of your own house would be so dangerous? YIKES! I wish I would have taken some photos, but I was too stunned. It was loud too. Here's a drawing I made to reenact the scene:

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE (you'll have to click on the back button though to return to my blog):

I also heard on the news the other day that Tim Horton's is making a move here in America to become a coffee/donut competitor. That's exciting! I love the smell of a Timmy Horton's!!

Oh! There are two new nicknames I heard this week. One is Sugar Buttons and the other one is Boo-meister. These silly humans!

Well, I guess that's all for today. Hope everyone out there in America and Canada are doing great! Meow at you all again soon!

Pawsitively Yours,
The Boo Man

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nicknames, Aye?

I've come to the conclusion that people in America love nicknames and silly words. Here are some of the ones I've heard lately:

The Boo Man (Very super hero sounding. I'm pretty sure I could save the day if I had a good nap.)

Boo Bear (Can I use that as my trucker CB radio ID? "Breaker breaker, this is Boo Bear, what's your 20? I've got some fire in the wire and a smokey on my tail.")

Honey Bear (Oh come on, that screams wuss city!)

Buddy (Isn't that a dog name? Yuck!)

Big Boy (As in the restaurant that Bob guy had?)

Lover Boy (Now that's what I'm sayin'!)

Mr. Tubbs and The Big Guy (I'm pretty sure these are a direct reference to my robust Canadian build.)

Well, if you think those are silly, check out some of the ones my roommates have to endure. Mind you, their real names are Keebler, Newbe, Lila and Frankie.

Troubles McGee (Is Keebler's last name McGee? Huh, I thought she was Norwegian not Irish.)

Keebee (Sounds like a bumble bee locksmith, "Just call the Key Bee for all your lock troubles!")

Keebs (Rhymes too much with dweeb. If she was in elementary school they'd call her Keebee the Dweebee. That would be bad.)

Dewbe (People could really take this the wrong way, I mean I know we all do a little catnip from time to time, but that's the hard stuff!)

Dewbers (That's too hard to say with my Canadian accent, aye?)

Dewbs (Sounds like boobs - that is funny!)

El Dewbo (It has great latin flare! Wonder if she has a cape and sword?)

Pumpkin D (What?!)

Crazy Legs (Several cats have this nickname, I'm not sure who truly owns it though. They're all crazy to me!)

Bella (Ahhh, the sounds of Italy... "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore...")

Stinky (I've seen some of the butts around here and this ain't no lie. Know what I'm sayin'?!)

Stinkles (Again, just another way to say kitties need to lay off the kibble sometimes. Step away from the bowls folks.)

Frank'n'Stuff (Better her than me with this nickname.)

Frankles (Who is the cat again? I never see her...)

I'm pretty sure the only way I can end this posting is to share my nicknames for Niece and The Boy.

Niece is Food Lady.
The Boy is Food Man.

Pawsitively Yours,
Honey Bear

Sunday, July 5, 2009

She's Fluffy Not Fat, Aye?

As I spend more time here, I learn more about my roommates. There are 2 long haired cats like myself, the oldest one being Lila. I don't see much of her. She's kind of shy. Niece says she's a Maine Coon. I'm familiar with Maine as it is not far from my Canadian home, aye.

Lila is the biggest cat (well used to be before I arrived). She is 13 pounds and has fur between her toes just like me (see below)! Even though she is a Maine Coon, she was born in Arizona - how her family got from Maine to Arizona, I'll never understand! Lila turned 8 years old this year and has been with Niece for 7 years.

Niece said that Lila was in a place called a shelter and was "running out of time". I don't know what the means but it sounds scary! A very nice lady from a "rescue" group in Arizona became Lila's foster mom. She took very good care of Lila and on the weekends, Lila got to go to the greatest place on Earth - PetsMart! Ooooh, it's the Disneyland for animals. Niece says that lots of animals find good homes at PetsMart because they help "rescue" groups show their animals to hopeful pet parents. It sounds like a good plan to me!!

Anyway, Niece used to go to PetsMart every weekend because she had guinea pigs (guess they're very hungry and need lots of stuff), and every weekend she would see Lila. Niece said that Lila didn't like the noise and ruckus of the party going on at PetsMart so she was in a quilted cube with a porthole. That sounds very luxurous to me. Niece says it was very cute and everyone in the store would always say, "Look at that adorable cat in the cube!"

Finally, one Saturday Niece thought to herself, "If that kitty in the cube is still there, I think she'll have to come home with me!" And sure enough, when Niece got there, Lila and her cube were there!! Isn't that great? It was destiny! I love a good story... Here is a photo of Lila on her first day home.

Niece says that Lila is her best friend. Now, I know she loves all of us here, but I guess because Niece and Lila lived together before The Boy and the other kitties lived together, they have a special bond. Lila seems to love Niece too. She follows here everywhere. Niece and Lila hug alot, and Lila lets Niece carry her around. It's kinda funny. Niece hugs me too - I guess she likes to hug! I can see why Lila likes it though. Niece is a good kitty hugger.

One thing I thought was very neat is that Lila and I have the same favorite mouse! When I arrived from Canada, I had my friend Doofus Dog and a gray mouse with a purple tail. Lila has the same one - she actually has three!! She hugs them all the time. She falls asleep with them and everything. I'm not quite that close to my mouse...

I hope I get to meet Lila more. Niece always has such nice things to say about her. I'm sure as time goes on, we'll run into each other more. Plus I think she's pretty! Here are some newer photos.

Pawsitively Yours,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Entertainment, Aye!

There are a lot of things I find entertaining... playing with Doofus Dog, watching the birds, hanging out on the rug, my virtual fish bowl, but nothing is as good as Simon's Cat! This hillarious guy makes Garfield look like a chump, aye? Niece and The Boy laugh so hard every time they watch his clips. Take a look for yourself!


Pawsitively Yours,

p.s. There's something called Independence Day coming up this weekend here in America. I'll keep you posted!


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