Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nicknames, Aye?

I've come to the conclusion that people in America love nicknames and silly words. Here are some of the ones I've heard lately:

The Boo Man (Very super hero sounding. I'm pretty sure I could save the day if I had a good nap.)

Boo Bear (Can I use that as my trucker CB radio ID? "Breaker breaker, this is Boo Bear, what's your 20? I've got some fire in the wire and a smokey on my tail.")

Honey Bear (Oh come on, that screams wuss city!)

Buddy (Isn't that a dog name? Yuck!)

Big Boy (As in the restaurant that Bob guy had?)

Lover Boy (Now that's what I'm sayin'!)

Mr. Tubbs and The Big Guy (I'm pretty sure these are a direct reference to my robust Canadian build.)

Well, if you think those are silly, check out some of the ones my roommates have to endure. Mind you, their real names are Keebler, Newbe, Lila and Frankie.

Troubles McGee (Is Keebler's last name McGee? Huh, I thought she was Norwegian not Irish.)

Keebee (Sounds like a bumble bee locksmith, "Just call the Key Bee for all your lock troubles!")

Keebs (Rhymes too much with dweeb. If she was in elementary school they'd call her Keebee the Dweebee. That would be bad.)

Dewbe (People could really take this the wrong way, I mean I know we all do a little catnip from time to time, but that's the hard stuff!)

Dewbers (That's too hard to say with my Canadian accent, aye?)

Dewbs (Sounds like boobs - that is funny!)

El Dewbo (It has great latin flare! Wonder if she has a cape and sword?)

Pumpkin D (What?!)

Crazy Legs (Several cats have this nickname, I'm not sure who truly owns it though. They're all crazy to me!)

Bella (Ahhh, the sounds of Italy... "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore...")

Stinky (I've seen some of the butts around here and this ain't no lie. Know what I'm sayin'?!)

Stinkles (Again, just another way to say kitties need to lay off the kibble sometimes. Step away from the bowls folks.)

Frank'n'Stuff (Better her than me with this nickname.)

Frankles (Who is the cat again? I never see her...)

I'm pretty sure the only way I can end this posting is to share my nicknames for Niece and The Boy.

Niece is Food Lady.
The Boy is Food Man.

Pawsitively Yours,
Honey Bear

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