Sunday, July 5, 2009

She's Fluffy Not Fat, Aye?

As I spend more time here, I learn more about my roommates. There are 2 long haired cats like myself, the oldest one being Lila. I don't see much of her. She's kind of shy. Niece says she's a Maine Coon. I'm familiar with Maine as it is not far from my Canadian home, aye.

Lila is the biggest cat (well used to be before I arrived). She is 13 pounds and has fur between her toes just like me (see below)! Even though she is a Maine Coon, she was born in Arizona - how her family got from Maine to Arizona, I'll never understand! Lila turned 8 years old this year and has been with Niece for 7 years.

Niece said that Lila was in a place called a shelter and was "running out of time". I don't know what the means but it sounds scary! A very nice lady from a "rescue" group in Arizona became Lila's foster mom. She took very good care of Lila and on the weekends, Lila got to go to the greatest place on Earth - PetsMart! Ooooh, it's the Disneyland for animals. Niece says that lots of animals find good homes at PetsMart because they help "rescue" groups show their animals to hopeful pet parents. It sounds like a good plan to me!!

Anyway, Niece used to go to PetsMart every weekend because she had guinea pigs (guess they're very hungry and need lots of stuff), and every weekend she would see Lila. Niece said that Lila didn't like the noise and ruckus of the party going on at PetsMart so she was in a quilted cube with a porthole. That sounds very luxurous to me. Niece says it was very cute and everyone in the store would always say, "Look at that adorable cat in the cube!"

Finally, one Saturday Niece thought to herself, "If that kitty in the cube is still there, I think she'll have to come home with me!" And sure enough, when Niece got there, Lila and her cube were there!! Isn't that great? It was destiny! I love a good story... Here is a photo of Lila on her first day home.

Niece says that Lila is her best friend. Now, I know she loves all of us here, but I guess because Niece and Lila lived together before The Boy and the other kitties lived together, they have a special bond. Lila seems to love Niece too. She follows here everywhere. Niece and Lila hug alot, and Lila lets Niece carry her around. It's kinda funny. Niece hugs me too - I guess she likes to hug! I can see why Lila likes it though. Niece is a good kitty hugger.

One thing I thought was very neat is that Lila and I have the same favorite mouse! When I arrived from Canada, I had my friend Doofus Dog and a gray mouse with a purple tail. Lila has the same one - she actually has three!! She hugs them all the time. She falls asleep with them and everything. I'm not quite that close to my mouse...

I hope I get to meet Lila more. Niece always has such nice things to say about her. I'm sure as time goes on, we'll run into each other more. Plus I think she's pretty! Here are some newer photos.

Pawsitively Yours,

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