Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Blast, Eh!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post since my big birthday bash. It was such a big night it's taken me this many days of cat napping to recover.

Check out these whiskertastic photos!

Here I am waiting for my guests to arrive.

Maybe I'll take a nap before they get here...

Here's my birthday party plates and our fabulous salmon dinner!

Keebler and Newbe came to dinner. Lila and Frankie decided to meet us at the club later.

Newbe and I were ready to go party Vegas style, but Keebler stayed behind with the salmon. She eventually showed but had a hard time rockin' out with that big belly full of fish!

Here I am getting ready to hit the dance floor with the gang. I had some great moves like the Canadian Cha-Cha, the Feline Funk, and the Paw Polka. It was a blast!

And back to my normal gig the other 364 days a year!

Meow at you later!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Seven, Eh!!

Today is my birthday!! YEAH!! I am 7 but I still feel like I'm 3. I've had a great morning. I got brushed, had some kibble, watched the birds, and now I'm going to take a big long birthday nap!

Tonight I'm going to serve my party guests some great Atlantic Salmon and we're gonna boogie. I've invited all the best toy mice to the party so we should have such a good time.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I'll share party photos soon!

Boo Siete

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow, Eh!

"Tomorrow's my birthday - meow meow meow meow meow meow - it's your birthday too!"

Yes yes - tomorrow is the big day. I turn 47... well 7 to you humans. I'm thinking that I'll wear some very chic duds to my party. Crank up some disco.

"Get down, get down... I'm a brick... mouse!"

Yeah, I know how to throw down y'all! Shakin' my groove thing, doing the litterbox hustle.

"Shake your groove thing and your tail, tail, yeah yeah!"

I've got all the great tunes on my iPod for my party. I hope my roommates like them!

"Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive, meow meow meow meow that bug I'm playin' with is Stayin' Aallliiiiivvveeee."

Here's to a great rockin' b-day!

I think there's a gift for me in this box, so I gotta go...

Pawsitively Yours,
6yr 11mo 31day old Boo Man

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lucky #7, Eh!

Only 7 days until my 7th birthday where I'll be 7 times older in cat years than human years! Sounds like the perfect Vegas luck to me!!

Things I plan to do for my birthday this year:

1.) Invite Newbe to my party. Last year I was really upset with her because she was being mean to me, and I thought that was rude as I was the new guy here!
2.) Have some salmon. There's nothing better than birthday salmon!
3.) Not wear a hat. Cats don't wear birthday hats, so please humans stop trying to put them on us.
4.) Take a nap.
5.) Ask for a big old Boo Biggins brushy brush at the spa. How I love the brushy! Sometimes I even like a paw massage.
6.) Take a nap.
7.) Take a nap.
8.) Have some birthday kibble.
9.) Meow and roll around like all good party cats do!
10.) And take a nap.

Yup it's gonna be a great day!! Can't wait for next week. Here's a sketch of Newbe at my party (oh yeah, I drew a hat on her just to get even for her attitude last year - MOL!!)

Your soon-to-be birthday boy,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Days, Eh!

Hi Boo Buddies! I hope you're all staying cool this summer. It's very hot here in Vegas. I'm nice and comfortable though out on the resort lobby couch where the a/c blows right on my noggin'.

As part of that reconstruction on my high-roller's suite, that I mentioned recently, I got a new bed! Yuppers. No more tiny cat bed for me, this is a human size bed. They say it is for guests, which is confusing because I am a guest and this is my suite! Do they think I'm gonna share? They're crazy. Housekeeping however won't let me lie on the comforter. They say I have to have a sheet because I shed. Whatever! That's not shedding, that magical locks of hair my fans would die to have!

My roommates have been pretty busy this summer too. Here's Newbe acting as the infamous Vegas "eye in the sky". It's a method of security in these parts, usually up in the ceiling over the casino. She however, is just on top of the fridge in the chef's area. Sometimes when she goes into full security mode, she gets up on the chef's cabinets. Now that's high! I guess she used to be called "The Deputy" and according to my research, while her nickname is Newbe, her law enforcement name was Deputy Dewbe McDewberson from the Colorado Volunteer Cat Patrol.

Because she's in retirement though, usually I see her doing this:

Here's Keebler having a pizza snack in the food court. She loves pizza and sometimes gets it to go and carries it off. I don't know how she eats and runs like that, but as the busiest cat in the resort, she has no choice. She's got a lot going on as the resort coordinator of whiskertastic events and feline fun.

Here's Lila getting ready for one of her nightly shows. She's quite the performer. I don't know how she wears all that stage make up.

I'd like to show you what Frankie has been up to this summer, but she's quite the little hiding machine. Maybe she's behind the scenes watching all the security cameras to make sure no one tries to steal kibble jackpots!!

Well that's about it from Fabulous Las Vegas!!

Meow at you again soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy July, Eh!

It's my birthday month! *Meow Meow*

It's also the month where the United States does this crazy thing called "July 4th" or "Independence Day". They celebrate by staying outside in the really hot weather and shooting loud sparkley things into the sky. Seems a wee bit strange to me, eh!

I'm excited that Niece and The Boy will be home an extra day! They love long weekends, but it usually means more noise around here which does not please us sleeping kitties!

I haven't planned anything big for my birthday yet. I think I'll take an extra long nap that day (which is the 25th for those of you who haven't check out my bio). Maybe I'll order some salmon. I was going to have a party but I wasn't sure if Lila, Frankie, Newbe, and Keebler would come, and I wouldn't want them to trouble themselves buying gifts online anyway - even though I love to play in new boxes!

Well, Happy July everyone! The countdown to Boo's Birthday is on!!

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Man


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