Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Days, Eh!

Hi Boo Buddies! I hope you're all staying cool this summer. It's very hot here in Vegas. I'm nice and comfortable though out on the resort lobby couch where the a/c blows right on my noggin'.

As part of that reconstruction on my high-roller's suite, that I mentioned recently, I got a new bed! Yuppers. No more tiny cat bed for me, this is a human size bed. They say it is for guests, which is confusing because I am a guest and this is my suite! Do they think I'm gonna share? They're crazy. Housekeeping however won't let me lie on the comforter. They say I have to have a sheet because I shed. Whatever! That's not shedding, that magical locks of hair my fans would die to have!

My roommates have been pretty busy this summer too. Here's Newbe acting as the infamous Vegas "eye in the sky". It's a method of security in these parts, usually up in the ceiling over the casino. She however, is just on top of the fridge in the chef's area. Sometimes when she goes into full security mode, she gets up on the chef's cabinets. Now that's high! I guess she used to be called "The Deputy" and according to my research, while her nickname is Newbe, her law enforcement name was Deputy Dewbe McDewberson from the Colorado Volunteer Cat Patrol.

Because she's in retirement though, usually I see her doing this:

Here's Keebler having a pizza snack in the food court. She loves pizza and sometimes gets it to go and carries it off. I don't know how she eats and runs like that, but as the busiest cat in the resort, she has no choice. She's got a lot going on as the resort coordinator of whiskertastic events and feline fun.

Here's Lila getting ready for one of her nightly shows. She's quite the performer. I don't know how she wears all that stage make up.

I'd like to show you what Frankie has been up to this summer, but she's quite the little hiding machine. Maybe she's behind the scenes watching all the security cameras to make sure no one tries to steal kibble jackpots!!

Well that's about it from Fabulous Las Vegas!!

Meow at you again soon!

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