Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emmy Awards, Eh!

Hello Boo Buddies!

After relaxing most of the summer (which is code for Niece has been to busy to do my bloggy), I find myself relaxing this evening on the window seat watching the Emmy's.

I started to think, what awards would my roommates and I win if we were on television.  Here's what I think, eh!

Best Performance in a Mystery - Keebler
Thanks to the pesky monster Keebler is always looking for, this series is full of suspense with adventures in drawers, closets and boxes!

Episode #153 - Monster in the Rafters

Best Performance in a Miniseries - Newbe
Portraying a napping rescue cat, this miniseries never seems to end.

Episode #1,423 - Winter Nap

Best Make Up in a Production - Lila
A true talent behind the scenes!

Best Outdoor Reality Show Production - Frankie
Making sure that all Bird TV watchers catch the latest and greatest.

Best Writing - Boo Biggins
Who else would it be, eh?  Now someone pick up that phone and take a message!  I'm an important Hollywhisker executive.

Hope you're all ready for the Fall 2011 season of the Boo Show!!

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Man


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