Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emmy Awards, Eh!

Hello Boo Buddies!

After relaxing most of the summer (which is code for Niece has been to busy to do my bloggy), I find myself relaxing this evening on the window seat watching the Emmy's.

I started to think, what awards would my roommates and I win if we were on television.  Here's what I think, eh!

Best Performance in a Mystery - Keebler
Thanks to the pesky monster Keebler is always looking for, this series is full of suspense with adventures in drawers, closets and boxes!

Episode #153 - Monster in the Rafters

Best Performance in a Miniseries - Newbe
Portraying a napping rescue cat, this miniseries never seems to end.

Episode #1,423 - Winter Nap

Best Make Up in a Production - Lila
A true talent behind the scenes!

Best Outdoor Reality Show Production - Frankie
Making sure that all Bird TV watchers catch the latest and greatest.

Best Writing - Boo Biggins
Who else would it be, eh?  Now someone pick up that phone and take a message!  I'm an important Hollywhisker executive.

Hope you're all ready for the Fall 2011 season of the Boo Show!!

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Man


Mariodacat said...

Congrations on the award buddy. Of course you have to be the winner - you are the bestest.

Boo Biggins said...

I think I should make Mario my fanclub President, eh!


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