Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pet Food Heist, Eh!

My roommate Keebler just found the greatest website ever for anipals everywhere on the internet. It's called Petflow and they deliver any kind of pet food you want to your human's house!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!! So here's what we all can do, eh.

1.) When your owner is asleep, have one heist team member sleep with them (purring of course to distract them) while another sneaks into their wallet and gets their credit card.

2.) Then when your owner is at work the next day, get on their laptop (because it lets you sit on the couch of course) and go to Petflow's website and order the goods!

3.) When the UPS man comes, and you're done being freaked out by the doorbell, have one kitty from the heist team hoist another kitty up to open the door and then scoot the package inside.

4.) Use your claws to open the package AND "discard" of the evidence. (Shredding is a kitty's specialty.) For me I'm going to have to rely on my heist mates as I left my claws in Canada.

5.) Then store the food in all those places we hide when our owners can never find us. (Even though I'm "fluffy," I can still find places to hide!)

Remember though, we don't know how to use can openers so get food that comes in bags!

Pawsitively Yours,
The Boo Man and his Heist Posse

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