Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meow Year's Resolutions, Eh!

Purrs and Meows!!  Boo Man here to countdown the end of 2011 and make my list of New Year's resolutions.  Here we go!

1.) Increase snoozers by 35%.

2.) Decrease kibble noms by 2% while increasing salmon by 5%.  Time to balance out my carbs and my proteins, eh!

3.) Help Niece find my nice new Canadian flag collar Santa brought me.  She's really starting to get annoyed now, eh!

4.) Shed less and foof more.  I gotta keep it lookin' rad on this hockey body, eh!!

5.) Demand more belly rubs and fewer squeezer hugs from Niece... but not after noms and salmon.  That makes me wanna have a yak attack, eh!

6.) Help Niece with her  homework so she can manage my blog and Twitter more.  My fans are getting restless.  If she keeps slackin', I'm going to have to cut back on her loonie and toonie meow manager pay, eh!

7.) Finally catch that cheeky little laser dot - what a HOSER!

8.) Win the 2012 regional staring contest so I can move onto nationals.

9.) Watch more hockey... which may make Resolution #1 tough to achieve. (Here I am celebrating Canada's hockey gold medal in 2010!  I was doing the hockey happy dance, eh!)

10.) Demand respect of my rad hockey body at the vet's office.  I'm defensive fluffy not offensive fat.

Hope your 2011 was faBOOlous and here's to a whiskertastic 2012, eh!!

Pawsitively yours,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Catmus, Eh!!!

Hello Boo Buddies!!

I hope you are all having a faBOOlous Catmus this year.  The roommates and I got together this year and thought, we have a lot of kibble, salmon, toys, and woobies, so we decided to ask Santa to give lots of goodies to those kittehs that need all that stuff!

Niece helped too and made sure that lots of anipals got things they needed.

It was a blessed Catmus, eh?!

Love to all of you.  I'm going to take a pawsome snoozer and get a big squeezer hug from Niece and The Boy.  That's all I need!!

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Biggins and The Roommates (Lila, Frankie, Newbe & Keebler)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rockin' The Flag, Eh!!

Hello Boo Buddies,

Long time no meow, I know. It's just been such a great winter for napping that I'm a snooze master! I do make sure to catch my beloved Canadiens when they're on the box the humans always stare at, but they just lost to the Flyers. The Boy was happy, me not so much, eh!!

Niece got me a rockin' holiday gift and said I had to have it now. It's a Canadian flag collar. I look pretty pawsome in it.  She's got good taste.

Niece says I'm a stud muffin - I have no idea what that means, but if it means that I'm a hockey God, then it works. *MOL*

Hope you're ready for Christmas too!  May you have lots of kibble in your stockings and catnip cigars under your tree.

Meho Meho Meho, eh!

Boo Man


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