Saturday, May 29, 2010

Made A Funny, Eh!

Recently on my Twitter page I mentioned that if I was a hockey goalie, I'd have a hockey helmet with a vicious Hello Kitty on it. Now I have to admit, I should have said mask - I was still in shock the Canadiens lost so I was struggling with my words... but in the end I was just trying to be funny to cheer up my other Habs lovers. Alas though, some Twitter humans took it very seriously. I'm wondering if they're Flyers fans. *MOL*

My one fellow hockey follower did inquire how Hello Kitty could look vicious... which I think is a whiskertastic question.

Well here she is! I'm sure Hello Kitty's husband blames this photo on PMS.

Your hockey MASK wearing Canadian Canadiens feline fan,
Boo Man

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Blog Birthday, Eh!

Boo Buddies today is an exciting whiskertastic day! The Boo Blog turns 1yr old (or 7 in cat years).

My awesome human sister was such a doll and made sure I made it through the airports in Canada and the U.S. last year so I could have a pawsitively awesome time sunning my belly in the desert sun. My carrier was very luxurious, but I wish I would have had a seat in first class with my own bag of kitty treats. I would have enjoyed Garfield as the in-flight movie too.

When I arrived in Nevada, I was so excited to meet Niece. I had heard great things about her and how she spoiled her cat babies, and it's all true! You should see how whipped she is - the cats around here are very proud of their work. MOL!

I was very pampered my first weeks here. I had my own high-roller's suite, personalized dishes, my bed fluffed every day, spa treatments, and salmon Saturdays from room service. I had a blast once I ventured out to the main lobby where I didn't win any looneys or tooneys, but I found the incredible Vegas nightclub "The Rug". Man did Keebler and I party on that thing every night with our catnip cigars. It was incredible.

I've seen some pretty interesting events around here too. Niece and The Boy are always busy changing stuff around here. I guess they like this place to keep up with the latest trends. They call it home improvement, I call it nap interruptions! Then there was that hilarious night Niece sprayed a fire extinguisher in her own face. That was classic! Don't see that in Canada everyday!

When I was first here, I had a nemisis named Newbe. I think our tension came from the fact she's an American Shorthair and I'm from Canada. I think she's gotten over it for the most part now. We're not best friends, but she says hi every once in awhile and that's ok. It's better than paw fighting!

My greatest friend here is Lila. She's a Maine Coon and since Maine is so close to my home in Canada I think we have a bond. She was sick this past year but is now healthy and I'm so proud that she survived cancer. Meow meow pretty lady!

There's still one cat here I don't know very well and that's Frankie, she's a shy girl but she sometimes comes down for salmon. I think she's very pretty, and she has a unique voice because she's Siamese. I'm so lucky to meet such a diverse bunch of kitties.

Tension this past year did meet an all time high with Keebler, my club buddy, because she's Norwegian Forest and Norway didn't fair well in the winter olympics while Canada WON THE GOLD in men and women's hockey! MEEEEOOOOWWWW OH CANADA!! Too bad the Canadiens just lost their chance for the Stanely Cup.

So as you can see it's been an eventful first year! I even released my own workout video to help inspire all the kitties out there who need to lose a little fluff.

To all my Boo Buddies, I hope you are doing great and I can't wait to keep you entertained for another pawsitively wonderful year. I know that I'll spend the next year catching some rays and enjoying the good life. I am one blessed fella, eh?!

Lots of love,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Countdown To The Boo Blog Anniversary, Eh!

Check out my new countdown clock to the Boo Blog 1 year anniversary, eh!

Can't wait to celebrate! Meeeeeooooowwwww!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Mama, Eh.

It's hard to believe that a year ago my mama left Earth to go see family, friends, and my buddy Smoke Kitty in heaven. In about another week, I will be celebrating a year in my new home in fabulous Las Vegas, and a year of the Boo Blog! I don't however wish to celebrate the hours I had to spend flying in that silly box last year! I will however really celebrate how slim and trim I'm getting here. I scoot all around the house chasing my favorite laser beam and fun toys.

I miss my mama sometimes. We had fun playing "Roll Over Boo" and I miss watching the snow on the Island, but I can always feel her with me watching over my daily naps in the desert sunshine and making sure my other furry roommates are happy and healthy as well. We all say little kitty prayers every night, and I know she can hear us all. It's funny because I often hear Niece say, "No, Boo" when I'm getting in trouble and my mama used to say the same thing! I still don't understand though what's wrong with eating a shopping bag. They're quite tasty! *Meow Meow*

Niece is a pretty cool lady even though she likes to squeeze me a lot. She calls them Biggins Hugs, which does make it sound better, but what I really love is being brushed. That is sooooo pawesome. I've learned how to follow Niece and The Boy into the bathroom and that's where I get lots of brushing. I guess they're kind of a captive audience in there, eh? MOL!

I also have tons of fun watching the birdies outside. There is a family of them who lives in a cyprus tree. Both Keebler and I love to see them come and go. Sometimes Keebler jumps at the window and then falls down. It is hilarious! I just stay still and do my famous Boo Man Chatter. It's pretty cool, eh?!

I hope all my Boo Buddies can smile knowing we're all doing great. I love my home and so does my furry sister Peggy Sue. And I'm sure our buddy George the singing canary is having a glorious spring up on the Island in his new home seeing the trees and flowers bloom. My mama is very healthy and happy in heaven now and Smoke Kitty is keeping her good company!

With lots of love,
The Boo Man

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Half Canadian Human Kitten, Eh!

Meow Meow Boo Buddies!

Niece has a friend whose human kitten is half Canadian! Isn't that exciting?! Her daddy is from the great motherland up north. Here are some photos. She's a pretty cute human kitten, eh?

Here she is watching hockey with her friend froggy

Here she is cheering during a hockey game

Here she is snacking in between hockey periods

Here she is dressing up as her favorite hockey team mascot... the Canadian Peas! MOL!

Have a pawsome day everyone!
Boo Man

Friday, May 7, 2010

Canadian or Canadien, Eh?

My favorite hockey team, the Canadiens, are in the playoffs. Upon shopping their website for a kitty size hockey jersey, it dawned on me that they spell Canadien differently than most other people.

Upon further internet research, and a short nap with a kibble break, I realized that everything from bacon to mounties to Canadian Idol spell it with the "a". So that makes me think, what other words can interchange the "a" and "e"? Let's see, eh!

Cat or Cet
Meow or Maow
Whiskers or Whiskars
Salmon or Selmon
Kibble or Kibbla
Hairball or Heirball
Nap or Nep

The possibilities seem endless!

In the end, I think Canadien spells one thing - VICTORY!

Pawsitively yours,
The Boo Man


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