Monday, May 17, 2010

My Mama, Eh.

It's hard to believe that a year ago my mama left Earth to go see family, friends, and my buddy Smoke Kitty in heaven. In about another week, I will be celebrating a year in my new home in fabulous Las Vegas, and a year of the Boo Blog! I don't however wish to celebrate the hours I had to spend flying in that silly box last year! I will however really celebrate how slim and trim I'm getting here. I scoot all around the house chasing my favorite laser beam and fun toys.

I miss my mama sometimes. We had fun playing "Roll Over Boo" and I miss watching the snow on the Island, but I can always feel her with me watching over my daily naps in the desert sunshine and making sure my other furry roommates are happy and healthy as well. We all say little kitty prayers every night, and I know she can hear us all. It's funny because I often hear Niece say, "No, Boo" when I'm getting in trouble and my mama used to say the same thing! I still don't understand though what's wrong with eating a shopping bag. They're quite tasty! *Meow Meow*

Niece is a pretty cool lady even though she likes to squeeze me a lot. She calls them Biggins Hugs, which does make it sound better, but what I really love is being brushed. That is sooooo pawesome. I've learned how to follow Niece and The Boy into the bathroom and that's where I get lots of brushing. I guess they're kind of a captive audience in there, eh? MOL!

I also have tons of fun watching the birdies outside. There is a family of them who lives in a cyprus tree. Both Keebler and I love to see them come and go. Sometimes Keebler jumps at the window and then falls down. It is hilarious! I just stay still and do my famous Boo Man Chatter. It's pretty cool, eh?!

I hope all my Boo Buddies can smile knowing we're all doing great. I love my home and so does my furry sister Peggy Sue. And I'm sure our buddy George the singing canary is having a glorious spring up on the Island in his new home seeing the trees and flowers bloom. My mama is very healthy and happy in heaven now and Smoke Kitty is keeping her good company!

With lots of love,
The Boo Man

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