All Aboot Me, Eh!

This my story, eh... and I'm stickin' to it!

My human mama found me at the pet store on Prince Edward Island, Canada when I was just 6 weeks old. I was a tiny fella back then, if you can believe it. My favorite thing to do as a kitten was leave toys in my human sister's shoes when she'd visit from the United States.

I grew up with another cat named Smoke. He was a big fella, like myself, and LOVED to go outside. He was a little crazy, well ok, maybe a lot crazy! But we had a good little life when he wasn't being the bossy older brother. Unfortunately, he had an accident with one of those machines the humans have (the metal ones with the wheels). He healed for the most part, but I think it took too many of his 9 lives. He's very happy in heaven now. He runs and plays where ever he wants, and there are no cars there because everyone has angel wings and can fly.

I also have a furry sister named Peggy Sue. She's a Shih Tzu. She used to steal all my kibble and my mama had to put my dishes on the counter. She used to rule the main floor of our apartment, but that was ok because I had a pawsome basement and a whiskertastic chair with a cushion my mama made.

In 2009, my human mama went on a journey to see Smoke. I'm sure they're having a fabulous time in heaven. It's weird she's not here on Earth, but I'm ok... matter of fact, I'm having a wonderful time living in Las Vegas now with my Niece and her true love, The Boy. Niece promised my mama that she'd take care of me, so on a plane I flew from Canada to the United States.  It was a fun trip with my human sister that day, but man was it long!  We both needed naps after that day was over, eh!

I also have roommates in Las Vegas! Four fancy feline ladies: Lila, Frankie, Newbe, and Keebler. Niece rescued them all from shelters. Niece and The Boy have big hearts. I'm so glad they're family!

My crazy canine sister, Peggy Sue, also lives in the U.S. now with my human sister. Peggy Sue has a roommate too, a pooch named Charlie. They have good fun together. I see her sometimes, but I make sure she doesn't steal my kibble any more like she did in Canada. I still call her Piggy Peggy though, eh! *MOL*

Here are a few of my favorite things:
#10 - The birds outside flying by. They're so fun to watch!
#9 - Canadian hockey
#8 - The word "hoser". Americans don't use it enough!
#7 - Rolling around. My mama taught me how to roll over. Pretty cute huh?
#6 - Chillin'
#5 - My blue cushion my mama made. (I brought it in my luggage from Canada)
#4 - Doofus Dog - he's a hoot! I love that funny guy.
#3 - Being brushed
#2 - My big boy bed, foofy chair, and the window seat.
#1 - Kibble and Bumble Bee salmon in water


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