Monday, July 25, 2011

It's My Birthday, Eh!

Greeting Boo Buddies!!  It's an exciting day as I am 8 years old today.  That's of course in human years.  In cat years I'm just 8 times the AWESOMENESS!!

Here are a few shots from my party.  It was pretty low key this year.  Just me and Keebler and Newbe feasting on some salmon.  Tasty stuff, eh!!  Niece said she was going to give me a candle to blow out and make a wish but she said that fire is dangerous round my silky locks of fur, so instead she told me to make a wish on the laser dot.  Good idea, eh!

My party bowls.  I think Niece meant for me to have the manly looking one.

Keebler was anxious for our salmon dinner!

Newbe said she would have gotten me a gift
but she forgot to steal Niece's credit card and order
me something online.

I came fashionably late to my party.
I like to make an entrance, eh!!
Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.  It was a great day full of snoozers in the sunshine and birthday squeezers from Niece and The Boy.  They sure do hug a lot, eh!

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Ocho

Friday, July 15, 2011

Help Some Kittehs, Eh!

If you've read my meowgraphy, then you know I come from a beautiful island in Canada called PEI... which might I add is close to the word PET!  *snicker snort*

Anywhos, the wonderful Humane Society there did an anipals shout out on Facebook and could really use some canned cat food.  Now I'm not a fan of the stuff myself, but the roommates seems to stumble over each other to get it from Niece every night, so I guess there are quite a few kittehs who love the stuff, eh!

So to all my friends in Canada who may be close to the PEI Humane Society, stop by and give them a can or two.  The kittehs will be ever so grateful... maybe one will give you the infamous Canadian Cat Kissy Face and you'll take them home too, eh!!

Furever grateful,
Boo Biggins

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Secret Crush, Eh!

When I first moved to Las Vegas, the roommates weren't too fond of me.  I don't know if it is because I'm a boy and they're 4 girls, because I'm Canadian, or because I love hockey, but regardless they were kinda rude!  Niece worked hard to make sure they were nice and minded their manners, and now we have a pretty peaceful existance.  My roommate Lila is actually one of my good friends.

The hardest part of this hairball relationship with the roommies is that I fell in love at first whisker twitch with Newbe.  Sadly enough though, she said I was enemy #1.  She used to beat up on me so bad!  They say she's American Shorthair but I'm pretty sure she's half ninja!  I wanted to think that it was like humans on a playground - picking on one another when they were in love, but alas, my appleheaded girl was just plain upset.  Niece suspects she may be a tomcat hater. 

Since then, I've let our love story go, but I still like to watch her from afar.  Recently, she started hanging out with me in my pawsome high roller's suite (a.k.a. my casita).  She likes the chair by the window.  I stay on my big boy bed like any fine Canadian gentletom would do, but it sure was nice to have her there, eh!

Here are some photos I took of her enjoying the morning.  She sure is pretty, eh?  She has such lovely colors on her fur.  I used to say she wasn't calico but she was wack-o, but that was just to hide my crush.

Well, I hope your secret crush gave you a tail wave today, eh!!

Pawsitively yours,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Rain, Eh!

So here in the desert they have things called monsoons.  They're big rain storms that have thunder and wind and thunder and rain and more thunder.  As you can see, I'm not a fan of the thunder, eh!

The crazy thing about monsoons is they drop a lot of rain from the sky very quickly and the water runs like a river down the street - it's kinda silly!  If I had a little kitty boat I could have gone on a cruise.  *MOL*

It's kind of cute though how all the humans get so excited about cloudy skies.  I guess they miss the rain when it is sunny all year. 

I however am a fan of the sun as it not only warms me up, but looks cool in my ears, eh!!

Pawsitively yours,


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