Friday, July 15, 2011

Help Some Kittehs, Eh!

If you've read my meowgraphy, then you know I come from a beautiful island in Canada called PEI... which might I add is close to the word PET!  *snicker snort*

Anywhos, the wonderful Humane Society there did an anipals shout out on Facebook and could really use some canned cat food.  Now I'm not a fan of the stuff myself, but the roommates seems to stumble over each other to get it from Niece every night, so I guess there are quite a few kittehs who love the stuff, eh!

So to all my friends in Canada who may be close to the PEI Humane Society, stop by and give them a can or two.  The kittehs will be ever so grateful... maybe one will give you the infamous Canadian Cat Kissy Face and you'll take them home too, eh!!

Furever grateful,
Boo Biggins


Mariodacat said...

Was nice to see where you came from too pal.

Anonymous said...

Hey Boo,

Can you ask you PEI friends to consider donating coins to Pennies for Paws? I belong to Cat Action Team. We spay/neuter stray and feral cats and provide shelter and food to those cats who are abandoned or born in the wild. We use donated coins mto buy food to help people who take care of our feral cats. Thanks for putting in a good word for us and for the Humane Society. Paula (Curley's friend)


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