Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Secret Crush, Eh!

When I first moved to Las Vegas, the roommates weren't too fond of me.  I don't know if it is because I'm a boy and they're 4 girls, because I'm Canadian, or because I love hockey, but regardless they were kinda rude!  Niece worked hard to make sure they were nice and minded their manners, and now we have a pretty peaceful existance.  My roommate Lila is actually one of my good friends.

The hardest part of this hairball relationship with the roommies is that I fell in love at first whisker twitch with Newbe.  Sadly enough though, she said I was enemy #1.  She used to beat up on me so bad!  They say she's American Shorthair but I'm pretty sure she's half ninja!  I wanted to think that it was like humans on a playground - picking on one another when they were in love, but alas, my appleheaded girl was just plain upset.  Niece suspects she may be a tomcat hater. 

Since then, I've let our love story go, but I still like to watch her from afar.  Recently, she started hanging out with me in my pawsome high roller's suite (a.k.a. my casita).  She likes the chair by the window.  I stay on my big boy bed like any fine Canadian gentletom would do, but it sure was nice to have her there, eh!

Here are some photos I took of her enjoying the morning.  She sure is pretty, eh?  She has such lovely colors on her fur.  I used to say she wasn't calico but she was wack-o, but that was just to hide my crush.

Well, I hope your secret crush gave you a tail wave today, eh!!

Pawsitively yours,


Mariodacat said...

She is bootiful. Good choice in girlfriends pal. You have enough sisfurs - maybe I can has a girlfriend too.

crazykittykat1 said...

Your house sounds a lot like me, Kali with Simba. I beat him up all da time and he wanting to be close. MOL it sounds like she iz kinda like me. Puurrrrrr


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