Sunday, August 30, 2009

Painting Is Not Fun, Aye!

The more time I spend here, the more I see what home improvement junkies Niece and The Boy are. The upside - they're good at what they do. The downside - I just can't seem to help without getting into some kind of pickle!

This weekend Niece was finishing up some painting, and I thought I'd try to lend a paw... well that didn't go so great. That blue painter's tape is just ridiculous. It's sticky, and then curls up and tries to mock me... then it sticks some more. I can't believe my human brother and other family members paint for a living. It's just crazy.

Here I am beating up the tape. As if it was gonna get the best of me!

And here is the tape playing a trick on me. It was hiding on my whiskers! But I caught on quick and showed it who is boss!

Recently Keebler and Newbe said they do something called "supervising" while Niece and The Boy work on their projets. They said it can be very difficult and it has taken them awhile to learn the techniques so it goes perfectly. Today they showed me what "supervising" is... I'm going to start practicing how to be a supervisor right now!!

Pawsitively Yours,
Supervisor Boo Man

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fireloaf, Aye!

I have to say, I quite enjoy standing at the kitchen doorway watching Niece and The Boy cook, aye. They cook on the weekends so they have lunches and dinners all week long. They work a lot so I think this is smart! I love my smart family!!

The Boy went to culinary school, so he's quite maticulous and takes his time - sometimes he's messy but I say he's a boy and we're messy, so who cares!

Niece doesn't like to cook so she's moves a little faster to get it over with...but she is pretty tidy in her cooking. However, last weekend being tidy didn't make up for her big cooking blunder.

One of the dishes Niece was making was a meatloaf. This particular recipe uses green chilis. Niece was flying around the kitchen and reached into the pantry. She grabbed a small can which she THOUGHT was green chilis but it was really diced jalapenos! I sat there meowing trying to alert her but all she could say was, "Wow Boo Man, you have a lot to say today!" Humans... you think they'd get it by now that when we speak we're not just making small talk!

Anyway, from there, she proceeded to dump the entire can of jalapenos into the meatloaf and off to the oven it went. Well, let's just say the meatloaf has been renamed "Fireloaf". But those silly kids ate it anyway! Guess when you eat it with some sour cream or chase it down with a frozen yogurt dessert, it's good!

After obtaining these images from the net, I can see why the mistake was made..

These are green chilis:

These are jalapenos:

Viva La Fireloaf!!

Pawsitively Yours,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Is Coming, Aye?

I think Fall is coming! It seems to be a little cooler (maybe 102 instead of 110). All of us cats are yaking up furballs since we're starting to lose our summer coats, and the sun is setting earlier.

Enjoy the photo of a desert sunset!

Pawsitively Yours,
The Boo Man (aka "Biggins")

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bill, Aye!

So I saw on the internet that Hurricane Bill is going to be making his way up the east coast. I hope he doesn't bring too much havoc to my friends and family on Price Edward Island.

Stay safe and dry everyone!!

Pawsitively yours,
The Boo Man

Here's the hurricane map (click to make bigger then use your back button to come back to my blog...)

Here's a map of Canada - For those of you not familiar with my hometown, it is an island on the east side of the U.S. and Canada just above Nova Scotia. It's small but it's a fun place!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Friend Lila, Aye.

My friend Lila had a very crazy weekend. On Thursday, she wasn't feeling very well and when Niece (who Lila likes to call "Mama") was cleaning her face and grooming her, she found a lump on her chest under her arm! Very scary.

Yesterday, Niece took her to the vet. They found that the lump was related to her breast area so that morning she had a masectomy. Lila came home yesterday afternoon and seemed to be going good, but she has a very large incision and stiches on her underside. Cats have 4 sets of mammary glands (yes that is 6 more boobs than humans have - HA!) so it looks like they took a few from her right side... It's kind of silly how she has no fur there now! But it will grow back.

I can tell Niece is very worried, but I think that whatever they took out will be ok. Lila seems in great health, and I think she is even a little more spunkier now that she doesn't have that yucky stuff in her body any more.

Lila is a lot of fun, and I really dig her. I'm glad she's feeling ok. Here's to a speedy healing on that incision!

Pawsitively Yours,
The Boo Man

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Victory Is Mine, Aye!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Today I took on the ultimate challenge. One unlike any other. A challenge so difficult, that only the strongest of cats can endure and conquer. The time I have spent training and preparing my mind for this incredible feat was worth it for it is a moment that I can say, "I am cat, her me meow!"




the stairs!!!!

Yes, I know... it is amazing. I'm pretty sure the Today Show will be calling me soon for an interview, aye.

I was anxious today. Even rambunctious I may say. I had bickered with the Newbe, I had beaten up the blinds, I had been brushed, done #2 in the litter box, and coughed up a hairball... I was ready. The temperature was about 76 degrees with a light wind from the air conditioning. I took on the short summit first, 3 stairs. As I stood on the carpeted plateau I told myself, "Self! You can do this!" So I went with full force to the top, and just before the last step, when I felt I could go no further, I found a toy mouse - and he mocked me! So I lept to the final peak and looked back with great pride. "MEOOOOOWWWW!" echoed throughout the family room. It was amazing.

Check out this compelling footage caught during this moment of sheer willpower and strength.

Off I go for another adventure!

Pawsitively Yours,
Climber Boo

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Too Sexy, Aye!

Hello Fans and Friends!

Now I know us Canadians are modest people who don't often brag, but I just gotta say, I'm one sexy fella, aye! While I don't step on the scale, I'm pretty sure I've lost some weight since arriving here, and I'm becoming a buff stud muffin. Try not to get jealous.

And this is my pin-up pose (which if I get my own calendar would work out great). I call it "sexy eyes".

Pawsitively yours,
Bootiful Boo

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mama Mia, Aye!

Calling all Boo Blog Buddies!

You have to help me welcome a new furry baby to the Island family! This is Mia. My human Aunt Judy is the proud mama of this beautiful girl. What a wonderful blessing for humans and pooches alike. And she kinds of looks like my furry sister Peggy Sue! Check it out, aye!

This is Mia

And this is Peggy Sue

Pawsitively yours,
The Boo Man

P.S. My latest nickname has been "Big Sexy"... I can live with that. MOL (meow out loud)!


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