Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Friend Lila, Aye.

My friend Lila had a very crazy weekend. On Thursday, she wasn't feeling very well and when Niece (who Lila likes to call "Mama") was cleaning her face and grooming her, she found a lump on her chest under her arm! Very scary.

Yesterday, Niece took her to the vet. They found that the lump was related to her breast area so that morning she had a masectomy. Lila came home yesterday afternoon and seemed to be going good, but she has a very large incision and stiches on her underside. Cats have 4 sets of mammary glands (yes that is 6 more boobs than humans have - HA!) so it looks like they took a few from her right side... It's kind of silly how she has no fur there now! But it will grow back.

I can tell Niece is very worried, but I think that whatever they took out will be ok. Lila seems in great health, and I think she is even a little more spunkier now that she doesn't have that yucky stuff in her body any more.

Lila is a lot of fun, and I really dig her. I'm glad she's feeling ok. Here's to a speedy healing on that incision!

Pawsitively Yours,
The Boo Man

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