Saturday, August 8, 2009

Victory Is Mine, Aye!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Today I took on the ultimate challenge. One unlike any other. A challenge so difficult, that only the strongest of cats can endure and conquer. The time I have spent training and preparing my mind for this incredible feat was worth it for it is a moment that I can say, "I am cat, her me meow!"




the stairs!!!!

Yes, I know... it is amazing. I'm pretty sure the Today Show will be calling me soon for an interview, aye.

I was anxious today. Even rambunctious I may say. I had bickered with the Newbe, I had beaten up the blinds, I had been brushed, done #2 in the litter box, and coughed up a hairball... I was ready. The temperature was about 76 degrees with a light wind from the air conditioning. I took on the short summit first, 3 stairs. As I stood on the carpeted plateau I told myself, "Self! You can do this!" So I went with full force to the top, and just before the last step, when I felt I could go no further, I found a toy mouse - and he mocked me! So I lept to the final peak and looked back with great pride. "MEOOOOOWWWW!" echoed throughout the family room. It was amazing.

Check out this compelling footage caught during this moment of sheer willpower and strength.

Off I go for another adventure!

Pawsitively Yours,
Climber Boo

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