Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hockey Hangover, Eh!

Boo Buddies it has been a traumatic 24 hours.  My beloved Canadiens were defeated by the Bruins.

It was so stressful.  I kept pacing back and forth, and then I'd eat some kibble to calm my nerves.  Then the game went into over time, so I had to have some salmon treats and pace some more.

When they finally lost, Niece tried to console me with a brushy brush, but I needed to just be by myself with Dofus Dog.  He's the only one who understands.  But it was nice of Niece to try and make me meow again.

I'm doing better today.  This weekend, I can hang out with The Boy and cheer for the Flyers because they're playing the Bruins now.  I hope they beat them up - just like I beat up that silly red laser dot!!

So here's to another play off series!  Let's go Flyers!!

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Man

1 comment:

Katnip Lounge said...

You are such a sporting kitty! A good sporting one.


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