Monday, May 2, 2011

Secret Mission, Eh!

There was a very special secret mission in the world yesterday, but little does the CIA (Cat Intelligence Agency, of course) know that an entirely different secret mission was going down right here.

The mission's name was "Situation Salmon" and it was critical.  You'll have to forgive the quality of the photos, but this was top secret photography taken by what we call in the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation, of course) a Droid. 

The mission started off with our target - a bucket of freeze dried salmon treats hiding out in a basket.

Two of our top agents, Captain DufusDog and Major Mouser had been performing surveillance on the bucket since 2:14pm this afternoon.  They reported back to me that the bucket had been unattended since 8:17am.  It was our time to implement our plan of attack as the salmon was vulnerable.

Our flight specialist Corporal Cockatiel and our grounds patrol Sergeant Fluffpants raided the compound.  There was some resistance, but the team was successful.  The salmon was captured and transported.

Back at headquarters, the team interrogated the salmon to find out how it had become so tasty and addictive to cats.  The salmon didn't want to talk at first, but our team was persistent - even using the method of telling the bucket it wasn't a fish, but was really a plant!  The salmon finally broke down and gave away its tasty secrets - IT WAS CANADIAN ATLANTIC SALMON!!  I KNEW IT!!!

At this point, I met with the team for a debriefing of the situation.  The team had performed well, and I owed them my utmost gratitude for their sacrifice and fearless venture.

At that point, I proceeded to eat the target.  And it was tasty!  Mission was truly accomplished.

CATch you next time, eh!
Brigadier General Boo Biggins

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Mariodacat said...

Yum - you are making my mouth drool. Good detective work pal. Your secret mission was successful.


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