Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Home Again, Eh

Hello Boo Blog Buddies,

Today I went home to my mama in heaven.  Niece took such good care of me here on Earth and now I'm back with Grammie.  It's good here - beautiful and with unlimited hockey games to watch. MOL!!  Niece is sad but humans always are, which is ok cause they love us a lot.

I know it's been a very long time since Niece has done her duties here on my blog.  Life settled in really well and I enjoyed every moment, and it was ok as it gave Niece more time to hang out with us.  In December 2014, my American roommie Lila went over the rainbow bridge (and she's actually here with me now), but I got a new roommie named Cosette that month.  Cosette and I became the best of friends!  It was such a wonderful thing the last few years of my earthly life. We had a blast!

Cosette - my younger woman! MEOWZA!

In March 2015, The Boy left.  That was very sad and difficult on Niece.  We missed him too, but Niece did everything to keep our lives super fabulous!  He had been around a very long time, and I guess Niece still talks to him, but he never came back home.  That made me the man of the house which was an honor.  Niece and I watched a lot of hockey too cause in October 2017 Vegas got a hockey team baby!!  FOR REALS!!! Now I was loyal to my Canadiens, but I gotta say, those Knights are the real deal.  What a first year!

That's Niece in her Golden Knights gear. MOL!

In February 2018, my roommie Frankie went over the rainbow bridge (she's here too and let me tell you, she's as chatty as ever) and Niece did the unthinkable --- she got another D-O-G that April!!  So now we were in a house with TWO D-O-Gs.  Meow, eh!!!

This photo says it all...

However, the new doggie needed a good home and she's been wonderful for Niece.  I was actually very grateful Niece found her.  And our original D-O-G enjoys the company.  So a happy home we had indeed!!! (Did I forget to mention the original D-O-G came in February 2014 --- maybe that's why Niece got too busy to blog. MOL!)

I started losing weight this year, mother nature knew I had to.  See I had a heart murmur - one that was pretty bad actually.  The fact I got to rock my 15th birthday in July 2018 was awesome!  But as time went on, the old ticker got tired.  But it was a great life and I cannot complain.  I lived in two countries and had the greatest of families!!

Niece hugged me tight early this morning, and I wasn't afraid as Grammie was there waiting and so happy to see me!  And I'll always be with Niece until we meet again on this side.

Thank you for following my adventures.  It made a good old Canadian boy feel very welcome here in the States.  You guys have a very lovely nation please continue to take good care of it and each other.

And don't forget GO KNIGHTS GO!!!  Hockey for life and beyond, eh!!

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Man

My hockey watching chair

Me and Doofus Dog dreaming of winning the Stanley Cup

I got a job at the library... just kidding. MOL! Cats don't work.

Biggins... Boo Biggins.  Canadian International Salmon Spy.  I'm such a stud. You should see how good I look in heaven!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's, Eh!

Well there goes Niece again - ignoring my blog for other human things like work and sleep.  I sleep most of the day, and I still get things done.  I don't know why humans can't figure it out.  Glad I'm a cat, eh!  

Anywho, because it's Valentine's Day I told Niece I wouldn't stand for having my page go silent.  Especially because I wanted to make sure I sent Valentine's Day wishes to my true love - Newbe.  For as long as I've lived here, I've asked her to be mine; but alas, her love still eludes me.  What is a lonely heart to do?  Watch more hockey I suppose...

My one true love - Newbe.

I hope each of you has a whiskertastic Valentine's and remember, it's not about who you love, but if they'll share their kibble with you each and every day.

Pawsitively Yours,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Santa, Eh!

Dear Santa,

I don't need anything for Christmas. I just wanted to remind you that the kibble is off limits for you, the elves, and that gaggle of reindeer.  

However, Vegas can offer you a lovely buffet option at a reasonable price with a slot card.  You need some protein anyway, eh!

I'm watching you Santa!

Merry Catmus,
Boo Biggins 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Suitcase, Eh!

Simon's Cat once again shows just how smart we are, eh!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Biggins. Boo Biggins, Eh!

I celebrated my birthday in style.  I'd like to point out that I'm the Canadian James Bond.  Yeah, I'm that sexy, eh!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes.  It was a faBOOlous day.  I had some Atlantic salmon, a brushy brush, and a snoozer.  Head bonks and meows my friends!

Pawsitively Yours,


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