Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fireloaf, Aye!

I have to say, I quite enjoy standing at the kitchen doorway watching Niece and The Boy cook, aye. They cook on the weekends so they have lunches and dinners all week long. They work a lot so I think this is smart! I love my smart family!!

The Boy went to culinary school, so he's quite maticulous and takes his time - sometimes he's messy but I say he's a boy and we're messy, so who cares!

Niece doesn't like to cook so she's moves a little faster to get it over with...but she is pretty tidy in her cooking. However, last weekend being tidy didn't make up for her big cooking blunder.

One of the dishes Niece was making was a meatloaf. This particular recipe uses green chilis. Niece was flying around the kitchen and reached into the pantry. She grabbed a small can which she THOUGHT was green chilis but it was really diced jalapenos! I sat there meowing trying to alert her but all she could say was, "Wow Boo Man, you have a lot to say today!" Humans... you think they'd get it by now that when we speak we're not just making small talk!

Anyway, from there, she proceeded to dump the entire can of jalapenos into the meatloaf and off to the oven it went. Well, let's just say the meatloaf has been renamed "Fireloaf". But those silly kids ate it anyway! Guess when you eat it with some sour cream or chase it down with a frozen yogurt dessert, it's good!

After obtaining these images from the net, I can see why the mistake was made..

These are green chilis:

These are jalapenos:

Viva La Fireloaf!!

Pawsitively Yours,

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