Saturday, May 29, 2010

Made A Funny, Eh!

Recently on my Twitter page I mentioned that if I was a hockey goalie, I'd have a hockey helmet with a vicious Hello Kitty on it. Now I have to admit, I should have said mask - I was still in shock the Canadiens lost so I was struggling with my words... but in the end I was just trying to be funny to cheer up my other Habs lovers. Alas though, some Twitter humans took it very seriously. I'm wondering if they're Flyers fans. *MOL*

My one fellow hockey follower did inquire how Hello Kitty could look vicious... which I think is a whiskertastic question.

Well here she is! I'm sure Hello Kitty's husband blames this photo on PMS.

Your hockey MASK wearing Canadian Canadiens feline fan,
Boo Man

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