Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lucky #7, Eh!

Only 7 days until my 7th birthday where I'll be 7 times older in cat years than human years! Sounds like the perfect Vegas luck to me!!

Things I plan to do for my birthday this year:

1.) Invite Newbe to my party. Last year I was really upset with her because she was being mean to me, and I thought that was rude as I was the new guy here!
2.) Have some salmon. There's nothing better than birthday salmon!
3.) Not wear a hat. Cats don't wear birthday hats, so please humans stop trying to put them on us.
4.) Take a nap.
5.) Ask for a big old Boo Biggins brushy brush at the spa. How I love the brushy! Sometimes I even like a paw massage.
6.) Take a nap.
7.) Take a nap.
8.) Have some birthday kibble.
9.) Meow and roll around like all good party cats do!
10.) And take a nap.

Yup it's gonna be a great day!! Can't wait for next week. Here's a sketch of Newbe at my party (oh yeah, I drew a hat on her just to get even for her attitude last year - MOL!!)

Your soon-to-be birthday boy,

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