Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Slow Week, Aye?

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately... I've just been chillin'. Most days I get up, have some breakfast, watch the birds outside, wander out to the rug, and then come back to my suite for a snoozer.

My new friend Keebler comes by every morning and watches the birds too. It's nice! Newbe has been a little more friendly, but I'm pretty sure she has something against Canadians. It's kinda rude, aye!

Here's Keebler watching the birds:

I guess one exciting thing did happen. Our neighbor across the street has several vehicles and one of them was in an accident right outside his house. I saw the whole thing out the front window while I was watching the birds. A lady from the neighborhood, who drives way too fast, came rollin' down the road and WHAMO!! Right into the back of his F-150 truck. She has a big SUV so she did a lot of damage. But who would think that parking out front of your own house would be so dangerous? YIKES! I wish I would have taken some photos, but I was too stunned. It was loud too. Here's a drawing I made to reenact the scene:

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE (you'll have to click on the back button though to return to my blog):

I also heard on the news the other day that Tim Horton's is making a move here in America to become a coffee/donut competitor. That's exciting! I love the smell of a Timmy Horton's!!

Oh! There are two new nicknames I heard this week. One is Sugar Buttons and the other one is Boo-meister. These silly humans!

Well, I guess that's all for today. Hope everyone out there in America and Canada are doing great! Meow at you all again soon!

Pawsitively Yours,
The Boo Man

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