Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poems, Aye!

Early tonight I mentioned that Keebler read poems at The Rug (see my previous post). She just swung by and I asked her if I could share them with you - my fabulous audience. She said yes, aye! Here are some of the ones I love. Enjoy!

Poem #1
Title: "Food - I Love You."

Fish Fish.
Chicken Chicken.
All of it is finger lickin'.

Kibble Kibble.
Tuna Tuna.
Can I have some soona soona?

I need to eat.
I need to now.
Feed me mom.
Meow Meow.

Poem #2
Title: "I Am Keebler Hear Me Roar... or Just Meow"

My name is Keebler. I am one of five cats.
I live in a big house that has no rats.

My soul is less feline and more like a man.
I love eating tuna that comes in a can.

My parents found me at a PetsMart shelter.
My fur after a nap is quite helter skelter.

I like to watch birds with a Canadian named Boo.
He flew a long way to be a part of our "zoo".

My mom and dad they sure like to hug.
But nothing compares to our place called The Rug.

Poem #3
Title: "Birds - Dr. Seuss Style"

Birds birds everywhere. They're in the trees, they're in the air.
I watch the birds, yes I do. I watch the birds, how 'bout you?
I do not know how they fly. I do not know or ask why.
I love the birds and their songs. I love the birds all day long.
I wish the birds could come inside. I wish, I wish, oh my oh my!
If I was a bird I'd hit the sky. If I was a bird I'd fly, fly, FLY!

I'll try to get more poems in the future! Here's a picture of how Keebler gets in the poem writing "zone". I think when all her feet are at her head she does her best work.

Pawsitively Yours,
The Boo Man

1 comment:

Deb Rice said...

Hey Boo~ that Keebler's quite the poet.
You should hang on to that talented American!
Deb (the San Diego one)


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