Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dance Party with the Boo-Man, Aye?

Hello Boo Blog Buddies! Or as they say in the southwest, Boo Blog Banditos!

Today I had a GREAT day. First, I helped my niece with some work. It was nice to lend a paw.

Then, I fluffed myself up and stepped out of the suite to check out the new hot spot in Vegas called "The Rug." It just opened on the 1st level of the resort, and there is currently no cover charge! Here's a picture of me at The Rug getting ready to shake my groove thing! I was giving the DJ my fierce stare which says, "I have dance fever and there ain't no cure baby!"

The ratio of women to men is 4 to 1. A bachelor's paradise! You can see in the photo below what it looks like after a hoppin' night. It's just a mess of fur and cat toys that the DJ passes out. This was before the cleaning crew arrived.

I guess The Rug also doubles as a sports arena. The Wegie plays on a soccer ball league there. I hear she's very good about keeping the ball in bounds.

Next, I got a table with a view at the restaurant (the one with the kitchen that is minus that microwave thingy). The grounds are quite exquisite here. So green with bushes and trees. I saw so many birds I thought I was going to lose my mind, aye! Security had to ask me to not stand on the table. So, I was polite and took a seat.

After that I wandered around a bit, stopped by the bathroom, and headed back to the suite.

And that was about it today! I didn't see much of the American Shorthair or the Wegie. Guess they were at some other hang out called "The Garage". I hear that they think it is just fabulous, but it sounds a little to rustic for me.

Cat chat at you again soon!
Pawsitively yours,

p.s. Click on any photo to make it bigger.

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