Saturday, June 20, 2009

My First New Friend, Aye?

I don't have a lot of time to blog tonight because I'm partying it up at The Rug. I have to say, it has been the greatest kitty nightclub ever. And my roommate - the Norwegian Forest - turned out to be my best clubbing buddy! And here I thought our differences over Canadian hockey and Norwegian hockey were going to ruin our chances of hanging out, aye.

Tonight is "Catnip Cigar Night" at The Rug - which I personally think is the greatest cat toy/promotional club item of all time! I mean anyone can get a plastic tumbler filled with cat milk, but legalized nip in a cigar shaped fabric toy? That is outstanding! This place holds no expense when it comes to pleasing its patrons.

Here are a few pics of us chillin' at the club.

This is one of my favorite new friend pictures:

This past Thursday, my furry sister Peggy stopped by for happy hour at The Rug. It was good to unwind after a long week. I mean you saw how hard I was helping Niece with her documents from work! It's exhausting!

Well I was going to see if the party was still hoppin', but writing this blog has made me sleepy. Maybe I'll just grab some kibble and lie down in my suite. Tomorrow is another day and I'm in tight now with the club owners. Viva La Rug!!

Pawsitively Yours,

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