Monday, June 1, 2009

My Family, Aye?

Howdy do, aye?! Today has been a wonderful day. First, there was rain! Oh, how I love the rain. It came down really hard too. I had a great time watching it fall on the trees and grass out front. Yes, my new home has trees and grass! Kinda funny for the desert, aye?

Niece and her fiance The Boy are treating me very well. I know they were anxious for me to venture out this weekend and hang out on the big couch, but alas, I'm so happy in my suite that I'm content to just snooze the day away on my big bed. I have found out the room I'm staying in is called a "casita". I guess it is "southwesty" talk for "Boo's big fancy space". MOL! (that's short for meow-out-loud)

This evening I hung out with my favorite guy - Doofus Dog. He made the trip with me from Canada. He's always up for an adventure. As you can see he is green. My roommates have one too. He is yellow. My neice washed all of our toys and beds this weekend, but she didn't wash Doofus Dog. She said he looked like a good worn in teddy bear and needed to stay that way.

The Wegie also stopped by tonight. I don't mind her too much. I actually got close enough to sniff her. The American was by, she wanted to play wrestle. I think she watches too much WWE with The Boy. I wasn't game. Ever since The Rock retired, it's just not the same... The Maine Coon popped in briefly but she's still playing hard to get and running away. She has a funny little trot. The Lynx Point Siamese, who is quite chatty, swung by and had lots of sweet greetings. She seems quite lovely, but honestly that's just to many ladies talking all at once. I had to kick them out and just chill with the Doofus.

Don't tell the mounties, but I had some of "the nip" tonight. Just a little hit. Niece says it is legal in the U.S... she even said that they sell it at the store! I guess you can buy it fresh or dried. That's just silly, aye?

Well, Doofus is over hanging on my bed so I think I'll have a bedtime snack and join him. More tomorrow from my happy casita!

Pawsitively Yours,

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