Sunday, November 28, 2010

Boo Buddy Birthday, Eh!

Greetings Y'All!! (Like my southern accent? I saw it on a Pace Picante commercial during a hockey game, eh!)

Today we have a Boo Buddy Birthday - Curley from Canada is 3 (or 21 if you do the human conversion)!

Now we all know what fun and crazy things happen when you're 3 (or 21), right? First off, you no longer have to show your cat ID when going to PetSmart for catnip. You also have the right to stop by the hampster cages and bet kibble on those spinny wheel things they run in. If three hampsters all stop in a row you win like 2,000 kibble! Plus, you can stop by the front counters and buy a pretty feline one of those foofy drinks mixed with cat milk and decorated with a toy mouse umbrella.

Now some people say that Curley and I look alot alike (here I am and Curley is above):

I'm totally cool with that because I think that Curley and I would make excellent "pawmen" (I think humans call them "wingmen" but that really makes no sense because humans have arms, not wings... birds have "wingmen". Humans really need to get a clue, eh!)

Yup, just Curley and I out on the floor at PetSmart - struttin' our stuff. We'd be pretty handsome Canadian hunka hunka chunka chunka's. Plus I'm older so the felines could have their choice between my maturity, stature and sexy tube socks or Curley's dashing youthfulness and snazzy stripes. Not to mention we both can bust-a-move and cut a rug on a rug!!

Happy Birthday Curley! Have a cat milk cocktail for me dude!
Boo-Man your Paw-Man

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