Friday, December 10, 2010

Got Lights, Eh!

Check out my awesome Christmas swag, eh! It's whiskertastic!!

Here's our outside lights... notice there's no snow here. That's just wacky, eh! I love the lights because they shine into my suite - it's very Vegas baby.

Here are our stockings! The one with the football helmet is The Boy's. Then there is Lila's, Frankie's, Newbe's, Keebler's and mine! I like having a reindeer stocking - it's very manly, eh? Niece has the kitty stocking of course!

Niece says that Keebler may get coal in her stocking though because she peed on the tree skirts... so here are our skirtless Christmas trees! There is a red tree and a blue tree (there was a red skirt and a blue skirt too). They're both so pretty. I really like the red one because it has cat ornaments on it.

Red Tree

The Boo Ornament

Blue Tree

Niece says she likes the trees because she got them on clearance! She's a good shopper, eh!!

Meow at you all again soon,
The Reindeer Stocking

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