Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hit The Jackpot, Eh!


It's Sunday, but there is no sun today. Not one ray, eh! It's cloudy and windy and cold.

I however am having great fun inside playing with our kitty jackpot! The Boy's grandparents send all family kitties $2 each at the holidays. In Canada, $2 comes in a coin called a Toonie. Here in the U.S., it's a silly looking bill that not many humans use at the stores. Crazy, eh!

As you can see, we have $10 because there are 5 of us! It's been so exciting to sit with my roommies and wonder what we could do with all this money. A tub of catnip? More cans of salmon? A new set of fuzzy mice? The possibilities are endless!! Because my roommates are sleeping, I'm currently in charge of watching the Christmas Jackpot.

Since I'm so large, I'm in charge!! *MOL*
I love the smell of U.S. money, eh!

Oh! A kitty meeting just got called. I think we're taking a vote on what to do with our cash. Meow at you later!!


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