Monday, December 27, 2010

Rollin', Eh!

Niece got us a "phat" ride for Christmas, eh!

Really, it's for Niece to keep up with her excercise, and she says that I'm good "resistance" when going up hill. I think that's a fat joke. I'm not fat, I'm fluffy darn it and built to play ice hockey!

I was the first one to go out (which made Keebler none too happy). It was fun, but I don't like the cracks in the sidewalk, and I don't like it when Niece goes too slow. I'm a tough trainer just like Bob and Gillian on that Biggest Loser show here in the United States! *MOL*

Ridin' pretty! I'm big pimpin', eh!

Lovely day if I do say so myself! Those big fat pigeons better stop laughing at me though cause if I get outta this thing, I'm gonna get 'em!!

"MOVE IT LADY!!" You won't burn off that Christmas pie at this speed.

Keebler giving Niece "the butt" for not taking her first.

See you around the neighborhood,

1 comment:

Mariodacat said...

WOW - Boo, I'm very envious of your pram. I'd love one of those fancy things.


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