Saturday, January 15, 2011

Collars, Eh!

Niece went to PetSmart today and I guess she thought we'd be cute if we all had a different color collar. Because we have microchips, we don't usually wear collars, but Keebler kinda ruined that when she tried to run out the garage one night. Niece was none-to-happy, eh!

Anyway, here are our colors:

Lila = red
Frankie = light blue (just like her eyes)
Newbe = royal blue
Keebler = purple

And I got the burnt orange, which I must say is pawsome with my fur. I look super handsome.

Based on the other available collar colors, I could have 3 more roommates, but Niece and The Boy said no. The team roster is full. The inn has no more room. The bus is outta seats. I think 4 girls to 1 boy is unfair though. We could get 3 more boys and then it would be 4 to 4. That only seems fair! *MOL* Unfortunately though one of the remaining colors is pink... that isn't a good boy color, eh?

Meow at you again soon,
The Colorful Cat Club


Mariodacat said...

Wow - you are very handsome in orange. You has a smart ooman.

Bear said...

The colors are really great and a perfect color choice for you!


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