Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Large And In Charge on Facebook, Eh!

Hello Boo Buddies!

Guess what - I have my own Facebook fan page now! Exciting stuff, eh! Yuppers, if you wanna see my latest blog, hear my daily thoughts, or see some of my favorite pages, just head on over to the right column on my blog and hit that thumbs up like button! (Facebook account required of course - but who doesn't have one, eh?)

Join the fun and make sure your day is a Boo Biggins day, eh!

(Image courtesy of Brittas Vets in Ireland)

Pawsitively Yours,

1 comment:

Mariodacat said...

Cool. he he - I do have a fB account too, but I just don't get over there very often. Darn oomans. Always claim they are too busy.


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