Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Driving, Eh!

I've been thinking about how cool it is to live in Vegas with all its big lights, lots of celebrities and nightclubs, fancy restaurants, and entertainment. It also has great sunny days and no snow, so I've decided that if I had a fancy convertible car to drive to drive around, I'd have to get personalized license plates.

Niece says they're everywhere here. She's pretty sure there are more here than anywhere else and she said lots of them make no sense at all. It's like she needs a magic decoder. So here are my ideas for my plates, eh.

But there's probably only one that is truly fitting.

Drive safe everyone and maybe you'll see me some day with my fur blowing in the wind and my paws on the wheel at 10 and 2. *MOL*

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Man


Mariodacat said...

he he- I loves all of dem Boo. Let me know when you get your "verible" and I'll go cruising with you. We be a great pair of hip cats prowling the streets of Las Vegas. I can see us on the "strip."

Katnip Lounge said...

Hi Boo!
We live in Las Vegas too...actually Henderson. Our Mommy's plates read "KATNIP".
C'mon by and visit!


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