Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow In Canada, Eh!

There has been some wacky weather going on. When I look outside in the mornings, there's a little ice on the street. The pigeons keep trying to poke at it - why I don't know. They're pigeons and they're not so smart sometimes, eh!

Niece said in Arizona it was so cold her friends had no water because pipes froze! And today some of my Canada family posted photos of that yucky cold white stuff that used to get on my paws! Snow is bad, very, very bad. Not as bad as missing Salmon Sunday, but pretty pawful.

Here's a looksy!

I hope all of my anipals are staying safe and warm. Niece says it will be 69 here again this weekend, which is good. (I wish she'd stop giving me temperature in farenheit though.) My belly is lacking some serious sun time, eh!

Pawsitively yours,


Mariodacat said...

Since we live in snow country, we can say we are tired of it. Want some sunshine and warmth.

Mr Puddy said...

Oh my COD !!! How your human get out of the house ?
Stay safe !!!!!

Boo Biggins said...

Fortunately Puddy this isn't my house. I live in the sunny desert now, even though it was cold here too. This is from where I used to live in Canada and this is my extended family's house. Crazy, eh?!


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