Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness, Eh!

Niece and The Boy have these crazy things called "brackets" for some event called March Madness.  I guess it's the sport of basketball, which does exist in Canada - but when you have hockey, who cares!?!  

I felt kinda left out of the excitement, so I created a bracket of my own.  I call it Meow Madness, eh! 

In Round 1, each competitor had half a can of tuna.  Keebler rocketed through her fish in mere seconds, while Newbe also powered through her plate.  Lila was just too slow and Frankie was spooked by the cheering crowd.  We thought Keebler would be disqualified for a yak attack, but she managed to not cough up a hairball.  Whew, close call there, eh!

In the final showdown, Keebler was the champion!

In Round 2, Frankie and Lila won the race up the stairs upon the sound of the doorbell.  Frankie has always been the strong competitor here with her extra toes. Those magic feet have her well prepared for maxium traction and top-notch speed.  Lila has become quite fit in the past year, and she exhibited great form.  Keebler unfortunately ran the wrong way and ended up at the door.  I missed the sound of the doorbell while I was signing autographs, so I was disqualified.  Boosauce, eh! 

In the final showdown, Frankie was the champion.

Round 3 was the snooze fest competition.  Newbe and Frankie were fierce on the woobies.  Each had superior snuggle form and nothing but massive sun puddles to work with.  Frankie tried to take the lead by crawling under the covers, but alas it just couldn't beat the narcoleptic Newbe.  Keebler couldn't stop tossing and turning, which killed her chances early on. I thought for sure Lila would be strong here, but her snoring was inconsitent, so in the end she just couldn't pull out the victory.

In the final showdown, Newbe was champion.

There was only one round left to crown the final grand champion, and it came down to me or Lila going for the title.  In this heated battle of the long haired kitties, washing was the competition.  I got off to smashing start making my handsome strawberry blonde fur just perfect.  Lila was a strong competitor though bringing her tail to the highest floofness.  However, Lila got sidetracked by a snarf attack.  It was a crushing blow and in the end I won the last title! 

I made a special award for Lila though.  She got the super nicest, sweetest, love muffin, super kitty award.

So in the end we're all winners!  We make one pawsome kitty team, eh?
Pawsitively Yours,
Bracket Boo

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Mariodacat said...

You are all winners - congratulations. Dat's some March Madness.


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