Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Day At The V-E-T

Man-O-Man did I have a crazy Saturday, eh!  I had to go see Dr. P. and let me tell you it was NOT whiskertastic. 

First I had to get into the carrier.  It's ok - not as comfortable as my big boy bed, but good enough for a short car ride.  Which might I add - Niece and The Boy do not listen to the radio stations I would choose if I was driving!

When we arrived at the v-e-t, my buddy Chance, the office cat, was there.  He was taking a snoozer.  Seemed a little early in the day to already be napping, but I hear he's on salary and is not paid by the hour, so I guess he doesn't care.

They took us to the exam room and I got out of the carrier.  I made a fast break for the hiding area under the human seating.  Niece thinks the v-e-t really needs to change this design because she spends more time on her knees sliding me out of this space than she'd prefer, but I think it's a pawsome design.  Serves humans right for taking us to the v-e-t when we should be home napping!

Then I heard Dr. P. coming so I hid.  There's no way she can see me here.  Oh wait!!  I left a fur blob behind.  That's going to give me away.  Darn it!!!

One of the first things Dr. P. did was check my teeth.  That was ok.  Then she listened to my heart.  It had its usual unique sound.  My heart has its own fancy rhythm.  Niece says they call it a "murmur", I simply call it the Boo Man Beat.  Then something really bad happened.  I got a shot!!!  It really hurt, and I made the face you see at the bottom of this chart.  Niece felt bad and gave me a really big brushy.  But she was only doing that because something else was coming up.  Something I was really dreading....

See this device?  It's a SCALE!  It's not painful like my shot was, but every time I get on one of these I hear things like, "Boo needs to chase the laser pointer more" or  "Maybe a little less kibble..."  A LITTLE LESS KIBBLE?!  ARE YOU SERIOUS??  There is no way that is going to happen, eh!!

And to add insult to fluffy injury, the v-e-t actually has this photo in her office.  What is that supposed to mean?  For meowing out loud, eh!!!

I guess the good thing is I didn't have my temperature taken... because in the cat world we all know that ears are better than rears, eh!!

Hope your Caturday was a little less like a hairball and a little more like a snoozer in the sunshine, eh!

Pawsitively Yours,
A healthy Boo Man


Katnip Lounge said...

HORRIFYING! From beginning to end. We're making the third face just thinking about it.

crazykittykat1 said...

I phht at da vet and da shot! so sad dat kitties have to go to dat place. Maybe I got somefing here dat will cheer you up?

I gots a sweet award on my bloggy dat I want to give to you! puurrrsss

Please stop by and pick it up and share, thanks!


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