Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day Deux, Aye?

Bonjour, aye! It is day deux here in Vegas and my day started off just lovely. First, room service showed up with breakfast. Then maid service showed up and cleaned my box and fluffed my bed. I also had another spa treatment, man I love the brushes at this place! I also took in the morning sun through my spectacular view. Lots of birds out flying around and kids headed to school. I glad I'm so smart I don't have to go to school.

Some ladies were outside my door last night... I think they were partiers from the casino. I hissed at them a few times from under the door and went on my way. My neice tells me though that they were just stopping by to see if I'd like to join the fun. She says there's an American Shorthair with a calico coat - who doesn't love a blonde, redhead, and brunette all in one! And a Maine Coon - fluffy, not fat just like my fine self. Then there's a Lynx Point Siamese - I love the cute asian ladies with the big blue eyes. And then a Norwegian Forest. My fierce loyalty to Canandian hockey will make it tough to hang with the Wegie. Our rivalry runs deep...

The rest of my day was pretty low key. Took some nice naps. Had some lunch. I'm thinking on Saturday, I'm gonna head on out of my ritzy room and check out what this place has to offer. I've heard there's window seats throughout, fluffy couches, and a magnificent view from the 2nd floor.

Until then though, I'm definitely going to order the chunk light tuna in water from room service.

Pawsitively Yours,

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