Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Loonie Toonie Day - and I'm not talkin' currency, aye?

Well here I am at the computer, writing my new blog (which I might add makes me sleepy). Today has been a strange day, aye. First I had to get in that crazy plastic box I'm not overly fond of. The only things I like that are plastic and in the shape of a box are litter boxes! Then, I went to the airport with my human sister Gloria. I like her, she's pretty fun! But a cat at that airport - that's pretty crazy, aye?

When I found out I was riding in luggage where I had no drink service, no snacks, and no movies, I was pretty upset. I would have enjoyed a Garfield flic ya know.
However, I snuggled in and just waited for it to end. When we arrived, it was hotter than a Chinook wind or a fresh baked Timmy Horton doughnut! Yikes! I met my other human sister Karen again, and my human niece. My Mama talked about her a lot and her kitties in Las Vegas... waaaaait... that means, I'm in Las Vegas! WHOO HOO! This place is supposed to be super fun! Don't get me wrong, I love my life in Canada, but come on - it's Vegas baby!

Anywho, it appears I'm gonna be livin' with Niece. That's a good thing. She emailed my Mama and they had lots of cat chat over the years. I think she knows how to spoil a kitty from what I've heard. That's somethin' my 17.5 pounds of furry self is gonna like!

I had a pretty good ride in the car to my new home, even though my water had spilled and I was wet. And when I got to my new home, I had a whole big room to myself! It has new bowls, a new bed, a fresh litter box... is this what they call the high rollers suite?

At 4:30pm I got a full brushing. I think it's part of the spa package here. And I had some kibble in some custom made bowls. Talk about F-A-N-C-Y.

Well, I think I have to go check out the sweet view from my room. Maybe I'll check out the rest of the resort in the coming days.

Pawsitively yours,
(now known as Uncle "High Roller" Boo)


Judy said...

Boo looks happy Cindy.I know you will take good care of him.Love Aunt Judy

Cindy said...

He's a funny fella! When he rolls around he's hillarious. We're so happy he's here. :)


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