Saturday, September 5, 2009

Get Your Bracelets, Aye!

Now I know all of you ladies out there love to shop - I've seen it! The Canadian Mafia (as I like to call it) can perform tactical manuevers on a mall unlike any other gang of foxy mamas I know! Shopping is embedded on the DNA of those from the Island.

Niece just got a really pretty blue bracelet from

It is a non-profit that donates money to pet cancer research. It was started by the food company we eat kibble from - and it is some TASTY kibble!! It is all natural with chicken breast, cranberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, - none of those words or ingredients I can't read!! Niece gets it at that magic store, PetsMart. I even heard from Peggy Sue that their dog food is just as tasty and good for you!! And it is made here in the U.S..

Anyway, back to the shopping and the jewelry... For $2 (U.S., not a tooney) you can get a bracelet too! The proceeds go to the charity so amazing places like big Universities can conduct research and stop the #1 killer of dogs and cats.

Lila is a survivor of feline breast cancer, and I'm so proud to write this on my blog today!!

So go get'em super shoppers!! Buy your bracelets!!

Pawsitively yours,
The Boo Man

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