Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is a guinea pig, aye?

So on our fridge are some photos of what Niece calls, "guinea pigs". I don't know what a guinea pig is, but I guess Niece had 3 of them before she had cats. Lila lived with them when she was adopted, and then Frankie and Newbe met 2 of them. Niece says they're about the size of a kitten. That sounds cute to me! Niece says they also make this sound called a "wheek". She said if I thought Keebler was bad at meowing for food, that I should hear a guinea pig go crazy wheeking for lettuce. She said it was hilarious!

When Lila lived with the piggies, she'd take a nap on the floor and then Niece would let the piggies out and they'd run by the sleeping Lila and nip at her tail and run away. Lila would pop her head up and there'd be no one there. Kinda funny if you ask me! Niece says that Lila was a good kitty with the piggies and only chased one a few times. Lila would never hurt a piggie. Niece said she wanted to groom one like a kitten, but the piggies didn't want any cat slobber on them!

Niece said her first guinea pig was Harriet. She was a beautiful and smart girl with blue eyes. Niece said she was fiesty like the Italians in her family. MOL (meow out loud) that is funny! Outside of Keebler, Niece says she's never seen an animal have such a human soul. Harriet was very special. One time, Harriet ate a plastic bag, which I have to say I like them too! But for Harriet it was very dangerous. She ended up with an intestinal blockage and she almost died! Niece saved her though with some magic potions a vet recommended, and she lived a nice long piggie life. Niece says her favorite thing about Harriet was her ears. She had super pink piggie ears.

Her second guinea pig was Maggie. She got Maggie when she was just a guniea piglette (well that might not be the right term but she was so tiny). Niece says that Maggie had the funniest piggie purr. I didn't know they purred like us! Maggies whole body would shake like a Tickle-Me-Elmo. Niece says that Maggie was so kind and gentle. Kind of like Frankie. Maggie was shy but loved to snuggle.

Her third guniea pig was Chestnut. Chestnut was such a beautiful color. Niece says she was a little crazy in the head but so much fun. She could be stubborn too. That sounds like Newbe and Keebler put together in a piggie body! Niece said that Chestnut was the December piggie of the month one year on a guinea pig website. Guess she was really super beautiful to have received such an honor!

One thing I think is cool is that they had their own log cabins! YES, you heard me, their own log cabins! That's something rich people have and there were 3 cabins for them. They also had their own couch and chair! What's hilarious is that when Newbe was adopted, she got onto their couch and took a nap. She must have squished herself up good! Those couches weren't very big. The piggies also had soft beds that Niece would scoop them up in and they would get combed. Maggie liked to climb in them and take a nap too. Boy were they spoiled... ok, I guess us kitties are spoiled too...

What is really amazing is that you can litter box train guinea pigs. Niece said that they would use specially designed corner litter boxes when they were out roaming around. Now those are some smart critters! Niece said like cats, they also love the sun and would often sit and munch hay while getting all warm and toasty.

All of Niece's piggies are in heaven now munching away on romaine lettuce and enjoying the sunshine. The spot in Denver, in Niece and The Boy's backyard, where the piggies were buried sprouted it's own baby Aspen tree. Niece thought that was very fitting! They would have loved to have their own tree.

I'm sad I didn't meet her piggies, but I'm happy to have learned what they are! We are all such magnificent creatures on this Earth - American, Canadian and Guinean!

Pawsitively Yours,

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