Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santa, (insert implied Aye here)

Dear Santa,

I'm writing to let you know I have been the purrfect boy this year. In celebration of this exemplary behavior, I have a few requests. For your convenience, since I know you're very busy these days, I have provided a simple and organized list below.

#1.) Seafood Cat Treats
The reason for these should be pretty self explanatory. I come from an Island with lots of fish... it's just my thing.

#2.) The Ball of Furry Fury
I'm pretty sure I could kick this mouse's toosh all over this place!

#3.) Ba Da Beam
We need this laser light show at The Rug so we can be the awesome disco kitties that we are around these parts. It's all about the Vegas nightlife!

#4.) 360 degree water fountain
Not only is this a lovely centerpiece for our home, but I'm sure this flowing water is tasty and fun to play in! I love to stick my face and paws in the water dish... shhh, don't tell!

#5.) Some stockings for my roommates
What can I say, I like to spoil the ladies.

And last but not least, I'd like a gift for my family. I think this picture frame would be nice so they can have a great big photo of me!

So just to re-cap:
Me = Good Boy
You = Bring me gifts

Since you're so savvy (and good looking too I must say there Mr. Claus) I know that you have my new address on file. I hope you enjoy seeing the fabulous lights of the Las Vegas strip as you fly into town, aye. As you know, we don't have many chimneys in the desert, so feel free to drop our items at the front door like the UPS man does.

Happy Holidays!!

Your very good boy,

p.s. I guess I should request something for my sister Peggy. She'd probably like this:

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