Friday, December 25, 2009

My first Vegas Christmas, Aye!

Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas!!

What a wonderful, happy day we've had here in Vegas! First, I set up camp on the couch next to the Christmas tree to make sure Santa didn't forget about us. Unfortunately, we had an incident earlier this week when one of us had a hairball so we were without a tree skirt, but Niece says that lots of tree skirts go on sale tomorrow!

Then after a great night of sleep, I woke up to see our presents! I don't know how that big guy got past me, but alas he was here!!

Keebler, Frankie, Lila, and I dove in and got all kinds of awesome toys, even though I have to say the wrapping paper was pretty nice too. We had fun with that silly paper. Newbe I think had a little of the Grinch syndrome as she just sat there, but I bet she'll play with the toys later.

Here are some photos of us enjoying our morning:

My favorite gift is this fancy item that gets warmed in the microwave and keeps me toasty! I love technology. I call this my "Paw Spa" pampering.

I hope each of you had a great Christmas morning too. I plan on taking a big old nap in the Vegas sunshine now and enjoy the rest of my whiskertastic weekend.

With love and joy,
The Pampered Boo Man

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