Friday, March 5, 2010

Boo-isms, Eh!

So I have some Boo-tastic phrases that I like to use and I just wanted to share my lingo with you this morning. Here we go, eh!

1.) Boo Blast: This is my cat version of a "shout out"

2.) Boo Buddy: Any human who is my friend

3.) Whiskertastic: Something really, really great

4.) Boo Bits: Tiny donut holes I'd like to make for cats just like Timmy Horton's makes for humans! I'm working on the recipe in my mind. Wish I had that cool mouse from Ratatouille to cook them for me... I promise I wouldn't eat him.

5.) MOL: "Meow Out Loud". This is when I find something really funny. Humans use LOL for "Laugh Out Loud".

I hope you enjoyed today's Boo-isms lesson. I'm sure I'll have more great phrases in the future as I continue to blog and Twitter.

Have a pawsitively awesome weekend,

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