Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow and a Fat Pigeon, Eh!

I saw the fattest pigeon today in the yard. She was a round little thing doing her fancy chicken strut. Made me laugh so hard! Then there were these tiny birds hangin' out with her. It was like Gladys Pigeon and the Peeps!

Here's a photo of Keebler watching the pigeon. I think she would like to try and chase it but I think the big fat pigeon would win! Keebler is kinda skinny.

Then we got snow! I was so shocked when flakes were falling from the sky. It didn't stick though which was good because I remember big, big piles of it in Canada, eh!!

They say it's going to be very sunny next week. I can't wait to sun my belly!!

Have a whiskertastic weekend! I'm going to lay around just like this:

Love ya!
Boo Man


Kathy said...

Looks like Crookshanks when he stalks his outdoor prey behind glass. It's sad, but safe!

Anonymous said...

Love Boo's adventures.Going to buy your book when you write Great Aunt Mary said...

i love birdies, squirrels, bunnies, ducks... but most of all CHIPPERS! YUM!

Boo Biggins said...

Watching the birds through the windows is like having our own cat television, eh!


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